Food Innovation Wales

Food Innovation Wales
United Kingdom

Food Innovation Wales, backed by Welsh Government, brings together three food centres of excellence dedicated to encouraging the development of the food sector and providing technical and operational support on all aspects of food manufacturing.

The Food Technology Centre, North Wales

The Food Centre Wales, Mid Wales

The Zero2Five Food Industry Centre, South Wales

The food centres’ mission is to:
• Stimulate innovation and support new product development which benefits food and drink companies
• Work together to meet the needs of food and drink companies
• Share scientific, technical and other relevant information including statistics and research
• Contribute actively towards achieving Welsh Government’s ambitious goals for the development of the food and drink industry in Wales
• Respond to technical enquiries from food companies

We can help throughout the process, taking your food product idea and turning it into reality.

Food Innovation Wales’s team of internationally recognised food industry experts are available to assist clients navigate their way through a complex range of food disciplines.

With decades’ worth of experience, Food Innovation Wales is dedicated to helping food businesses grow, innovate, compete and reach new markets. Join the countless food businesses who have already benefitted from the help and advice of our team, and contact us now to explore ways that you can find greater success in the food industry.

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