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Family Secret Ltd

T: 0800 001 6161

Family Secret simply began with the question, "Will You Marry Me?" Thankfully she said "Yes" we soon got married and embarked on a honeymoon that took us to some amazing places such as, Singapore, China, Thailand, India, Indonesia and Morocco. Spoke to people from different walks of life and managed to write down their family secret recipes and bought them back to the UK and launched a range of 7cooking sauces which are low fat, low sugar, low calories, no nasties.

Stocked with QVC, MidCounties Coop, Ocado and wholesale via Blakemore Fine Foods.

Anthea Turner, UK TV Presenter is our brand advocate and talking of TV we may be airing on the BBC, but cant say anymore for now as its actually a Family Secret... sshh

In line with our 7 sauces, which are Red Thai, Green Thai, Indonesian Rendang, Chinese Kung Po, Punjabi Tadka, Rogan Josh and Moroccan Tagine; our dips and snacks will launch with Coop and Virgin Trains, they
follow Flavours Around The World with Mini Poppadoms, Mini Prawn Crackers, Mini Thai Crackers and Dips. Giving people a meal solution, a starter to your main if you like and again with earth friendly packaging.