EZ Lab

EZ Lab srl
via della Croce Rossa, 112
35129 Padova (PD)
Website: www.ezlab.it

EZ Lab is an innovative startup, founded in Padua (Italy) in 2014 and now specialized in Smart Agri-food solutions addressed to farms, agronomists, agricultural organizations and agro industries.

In 2015, the startup developed its first project “AgriOpenData”, a software-platform that collects and distributes information on agricultural processes for the traceability and the certification of agricultural products. Through a DSS (Decision Support System) and thanks to the Blockchain integrated system, AgriOpenData aims to support and improve the Agriculture Industry, enhancing the high quality production and at the same time guaranteeing transparency and safety to the final consumer by certifying each agri-food chain’s step, from the product’s origin to its transformation, up to the distribution to large scale retailers.

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