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EUFIC Future Kitchen

Contact details:

Dr. Holly T. Kristinsson
Coordinator – FutureKitchen Virtual Reality Series
Matís ltd. - Icelandic Food and Biotech R&D

Matteo Di Stasi
EUFIC – European Food Information Council

The VR Future Kitchen project is a series of infotaining VR videos published on Food Unfolded. FoodUnfolded is a global, digital platform that creates and shares original content on the latest food and agricultural innovations. It aims to connect the general public through entertainment and education on the most relevant topics of today, including health, nutrition and sustainability.

Specifically, about VR Future Kitchen, we are developing a series of virtual reality videos with the ultimate goal of entertaining and educating the general public (in particular the youth) about new food technology and how innovation is impacting our food habits. Virtual reality allows the viewer to be immersed in a totally novel environment and experience an innovative story about food sustainability. These videos will encourage younger generations to act in favour of food sustainability and embrace a healthier nutrition.