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Address: AIEC, Aberystwyth University, Plas Gogerddan, Aberystwyth, SY23 3EE
Name: Professor Robert Nash
Tel: 01970 823200

DrNashGlycoHealth - scientifically proven natural iminosugars

Based in Aberystwyth, Science is key to our product range. We investigate natural plant extracts containing iminosugars with the aim of finding new and improved medicines. Sugars or carbohydrates are vital to health in many ways and faults in sugar biochemistry occur in most diseases and in ageing.

Iminosugars are common in many foods and herbal medicines but rarely detected or reported because they resemble sugars or amino acids and their identification is difficult. Plants produce sugars by photosynthesis and use iminosugars to protect those sugars and themselves from being eaten. The iminosugars seem to have the ability to interact with many processes involving sugars.

With our UK research company PhytoQuest Limited we have over 25 years experience of working on iminosugars and are the world leaders in identifying them and their activities. Many fruit and vegetable varieties and processed foods have had the iminosugars eliminated; we select varieties that still have the natural iminosugars and use processes that ensure they are still present in end products. We believe they have important health maintenance properties.

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PHYTOQUEST™ Gymnema Extra