DDW Colours Ltd

Unit D, Island Corporate Park
Little Island,
Co. Cork
T45 F673
Telephone: +353 21 4353821

Mother nature supplies the raw materials while DDW adds 152 years of colouring expertise. With a full range of natural colours, caramel and burnt sugars, and E#-free colouring foods, we are the only global company solely focused on a full spectrum of natural colour solutions. This means all of our attention is focused on getting the colour, functionality, label, and economics just right for your product. And on top of that, our experienced colour experts are committed to being your most responsive development partners. Let’s meet at stand 182 to discuss your next food or beverage colour project.

Product listing

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Colouring Foods

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EmulsiTech™ Natural Colour Emulsions

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Burnt Sugars

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Red Colour from Purple Corn