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Hello. I’m a scientist and nutritionist. I’ve been obsessed with how the body works and what happens with foods since early childhood.

Following cancer treatment, I became severely intolerant to gluten. Missing the beautiful breads I loved, I embarked on a quest to create a replacement for gluten that meant I could make amazing artisan bread again.

The gluten free bread I’d bought was dry, sweet, crumbly and tasted of chemicals. I assumed this was because it was impossible to emulate gluten without adding stuff that has no business being in bread.

True to my scientific roots, I went back to basics and studied the very things I had to avoid: wheat and gluten. I set out to recreate the gluten components using only natural ingredients and our resulting breads and mixes are mistaken for “real bread” on a daily basis … in fact, the bread tastes so good our customers want to eat the whole loaf … and then ask for another.

Winning The World Bread Awards twice and gaining 25 medals to boot, just confirms our belief in what we’ve created and what many key buyers have said, “That’s the best gluten free bread I’ve ever tasted”.

Product listing

DS G&R Focaccia 250x250.png

Gluten Free – Garlic & Rosemary Focaccia Kit

DS O Focaccia 250x250.png

Gluten Free – Onion Focaccia Kit

DS CC Focaccia 250x250.png

Gluten Free – Chocolate Chip Focaccia Kit

DS Loaf 250x250.png

Gluten Free White Loaf mix