CyberColloids Ltd

CyberColloids Ltd
Unit 4A, Site 13
Carrigaline Industrial Estate
P42 VR72

CyberColloids is a unique organisation devoted to bringing texture innovation to the food industry thus enabling companies to cost effectively add value through R&D. The company is seen as an established centre of excellence, especially in polysaccharide chemistry, with a global reach and a successful participant in EU funded research. We are an Irish based SME with staff also in the UK.
Delivering innovative solutions for cost effective texture remains a core focus but we see the world of food texture and the way we think changing. The food industry is being driven towards the use of more natural, inherently healthy and less processed food ingredients. They are also having to face the challenges of resource efficiency and minimisation of waste. As such we are now working with a wide variety of plant and seaweed derived materials, including by-products and “waste” from food processing as well as new or underutilised wholefood biomass resources. The idea is to develop new functional food fibres and ingredients for use as fat replacers, waterbinders and novel gelling agents that are label friendly. We have a range of simplistic but intelligent processing methodologies that we can be applied to most polysaccharide rich biomass resources.