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Curapella is natural products skincare brand with an exciting pipeline of products based on improving skin health from the inside (food) and out (topicals). We develop safe and efficacious products based on natural actives that target various skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and pigmentation disorders. Curapella originates from the world-renowned Centre for Dermatology in the University of Manchester and was founded on cutting edge research.
Our First product is Pellamex which is a daily food supplement for dry and eczema-prone skin that strengthens the skin’s barrier from within to keep out external allergens and irritants that exacerbate the condition. Our patented active has already been clinically tested in eczema with excellent results.
Curapella also has other products in the pipeline for conditions such as psoriasis and pigmentation disorders as well as ones that target cosmetic skincare applications. Some of these are based on prebiotic actives and will improve skin and gut health as nutritional supplements in conjunction with topical ‘companion’ product combinations. Our ‘skin health from the inside and out’ is a novel approach and is gaining significant support in the industry and therefore set to disrupt the traditional topical-only approach that has dominated for so long.

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