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Bio&Me - created by The Gut Health Doctor;

Created by Dr Megan Rossi, Bio&Me is the UK’s first dedicated gut health food brand that both tastes delicious and uniquely carries the ESFA-approved “good for your gut” health claim, backed up by credible science.

Bio&Me seeks to bring clarity to the world of gut health and to make looking after your gut easier and enjoyable. The first range of Gut-Loving Granolas will launch at Food Matters Live, with other product ranges in development.

Dr Megan Rossi, Registered Dietitian, Nutritionist and Research Fellow at King’s College London, created Bio&Me inspired by conversations with thousands of her Instagram community (now with over 140,000 people), as well as the memory of her grandmother. Frustrated at the fads, misinformation and pseudoscience within the food industry and the misleading messages being fed to the public, she decided the best way was to set up her own company to do it. And Bio&Me is the result.

Bio&Me is named after your microbiome, where the biome encapsulates the trillions of bacteria we all host inside us. And each of which is uniquely individual to us. Hence the Bio&Me!

All of the products designed by Dr Megan adhere to her strict nutritional guidelines, which at the forefront state that one of the best ways to look after our gut health is to maximise the diversity of plant-based ingredients we consume. Put simply, the more different sources of plant-based foods, the merrier. We call this our principle of Delicious Diversity.

Our first product range is prebiotic Granolas in four flavours that are designed to maximise plant-based diversity and deliciousness, with each containing 15 different types of plant-based goodness and prebiotic fibre. Made using only natural ingredients, all products are high in fibre, 100% plant-based (suitable for vegans) and contain no added sugars or salt (less than 10% naturally occurring sugars).