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Coeliac UK

Twitter: @CoeliacUK_Food

For over 50 years, Coeliac UK has been the expert on the gluten free diet. We are an independent charity helping people living without gluten to live happier, healthier lives. We do this by providing our community, including 65k+ members and over 2 million website visitors, with trustworthy advice, funding critical research and by working with healthcare and food industry professionals.

We own and operate the Crossed Grain Trademark licensing scheme, an internationally registered trademark that can only be used on gluten free food and drink products that meet our criteria.

Using audit standards, based on specific research into catering with gluten, our GF accreditation scheme and training packages have been established to enable any catering outlet to cater confidently and safely for those on a gluten free diet.

Whether you are a food brand, a manufacturer, a caterer in the private or public sector, a cafe owner, a restaurateur or a retailer large or small, we can help you understand the needs of people who have to live gluten free and how you can be part of this growing community.