CHOKKINO, the cacao espresso

Live Better
Via Parco 47
20853 Biassono
Monza e Brianza

Chokkino, the cacao espresso is a blissful hot shot of pure cacao packed with micro-nutrients.

Cocoa powder is a superfood rich in anti-oxidants, minerals, prebiotic fibers and amino acids.

Chokkino is clean: 100% cocoa powder and water, nothing else.
Chokkino is sustainable: our cocoa powder is organic, fair-trade and its packaging is compostable.
Chokkino is evidence based: our cocoa powder has been selected amongst 60+ samples for its high polyphenols (antioxidants) content.

Chokkino is a modern functional beverage with a 4.000 years old history.

Chokkino is the first product of Live Better, an Italian startup and a Benefit Corporation.
Our mission is to catalyze a shift in the Food&Beverage industry because nutrition is one of human beings most basic need and we believe in a future where food can be both "Tasty&Healthy".
This is why we exist: to develop and deliver products which are insanely delicious, nutrients dense and evidence based. Visit our booth and taste the future!

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Chokkino - The Cacao Espresso