Chios Fruits

25th Martiou Str.
82100 Kabos

Chios Fruits S.A. was founded in May 2009 and created the most up to date processing plant for the production and bottling of juices in Greece. In this respect it is one of the largest category investments in the Greek territory. In the light of 2015, we became No 3 Brand in the Greek market of chilled natural juices & No 2 Brand in the fruit drinks category. Our company is specialized in the vertical production of citrus -from groves, trees and citrus fruits, directly to squeezing and packaging. This means that we are not buying any juices; instead we are squeezing our own fruits using their juice, pulp, and essential oil, thus achieving a high standard of taste, color, and vitamins. A great extra advantage we have, is that we are using a Tetra Pak Gemina Aseptic packaging, which is giving us the opportunity to sell NFC Juice in both ambient or chilled conditions. This leads to a great cost saving both in freight costs, as also in zero returns due to its extended BBE that no other Competitor can achieve.

Product listing

100% Orange Juice Bits.jpg

100% Orange Juice with Bits

100% Orange Juice Smooth.jpg

100% Orange Juice: Smooth

100% Mandarin Juice.jpg

100% Mandarin Juice

100% 3 Fruits Juice.jpg

100% 3-Fruits Juice

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