Food Matters Live 2020, 13-14 October, virtual event

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Chief Chocolate Officer have analysed the typical tasting notes of the UK’s most popular drinks to create the perfect premium chocolates for the wine, champagne & whisky lover. These chocolates work so well that, when paired with their chosen wine grape or whisky, they mutually enhance the enjoyment of both.

Co-founders and brothers Joe & Ted Moore worked for sister company Chief Wine Officer – which runs VIP wine tastings for senior business executives. Based on a love for fine wine and chocolates, and following various requests for corporate gifts, they created some remarkable chocolate to go with the wines tasted at these events – and Chief Chocolate Officer was born.

Seeing the early success from our Wine Bars, they decided the natural path was to expand their range to what is now: The Wine Bar, The Sparkling Wine Bar & The Whisky Bar. Stay tuned for more!