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Check Your Food Ltd run two leading food and recipe analysis sites that factor in: the world’s leading nutritional science on over 80 nutrients, the latest 'cleansed' food composition data, recommended daily amounts/intakes and EU nutrient reference values, along with the effects of various cooking methods on nutrients. is fully EU regulation (EC 1924-2006 & EC 1169-2011) compliant for food producers. Food producers can use the ingredient and recipe analysis tools to check if their products qualify for, 'excellent source of' claims, along with the respective health claims that can be made for the vitamin and mineral content. has been developed with health professionals for health professionals, with recipe analysis, menu planning and oversight of clients food diaries that track their full nutrient intake over time.

Nutrition colleges can also oversee their student’s menu planning and interactions with their test clients or real clients.

All the information on & is provided within the framework of the ‘NHS England Information standard’, and our information sources include: McCance and Widdowson, the USDA, the National Academy of Sciences, the NCBI and the EFSA.