The Chalo Company

Schaarbeekstraat 42
9120 Melsele
+32 3 291 10 60

The CHALO Company, based in Antwerp (Belgium), launches a variety of Funky Feel Good Food-products. We want to inspire people to eat healthier and discover ingredients & recipes from other cultures & climates. As our first product line, Chalo launched the delicious and world famous hot drink, Indian Chai Latte. We serve the real authentic recipe and the story of its discoverers. Our Chalo Chai is natural, fair and sustainable at the same time!

Chai Latte is a traditional drink of black tea, a mix of cool spices, a dash of sugar & a splash of milk!
We've developed 5 funky flavors containing a variety of spices and above all, they taste de-li-cious: Masala, Cardamon, Vanilla, Lemongrass and our newest Chini Chai!
Our Indian Chai is an instant powder without any milk in the Chalo Chai so you're able to use the milk of your very own preference: skinny, fatty, dairy, vegany, cowy, horsey, ricy, soy-y, coconutty,.. Whatever kind of milk you would like.

The Chalo Company started in 2015 and now we’re proud to tell that we are present in 18 different countries with a twice awarded Chai!
Back in June this Year we won the prestigious SCA Award for the Best New Product in category Specialty Beverage at the World of Coffee in Budapest.

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