Captain Kombucha

Captain Kombucha, 12 Hammersmith Grove, London, W6 7AP

Captain Kombucha is the No.1 Kombucha brand in Europe and offers a range of delicious flavoured Kombucha Drinks which are suitable for all kinds of people and their individual tastes. Captain Kombucha is a delicious sparkling probiotic drink produced by fermenting green tea and friendly bacteria. Fermented and handcrafted over a period of several weeks Captain Kombucha offers an unforgettable healthy drinking experience ensuring that consumers come back for more. Organic, Vegan, and gut friendly, consuming probiotics will help to stimulate microflora, support healthy gut functions and increase digestive health.

What is Kombucha?
Kombucha is an unpasteurized fermented living beverage made from organic tea, live cultures and organic cane sugar that evaporates during fermentation. Kombucha has been drunk for centuries as a functional drink especially in China, where it was called “The Immortal Health Elixir”. Kombucha market recorded phenomenal growth in recent years and is currently the fastest growing market in the functional beverage industry.