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Bounce Foods Ltd
2 The Billings
Walnut Tree Close
Surrey GU1 4UL

We all need energy and protein to keep us going throughout the day. When we're on the go, convenient snacks with nutritional benefits are essential for today's lifestyles. Bounce Balls and Bites are a convenient way to satisfy your hunger & sustain your energy.

At Bounce we know there's more to healthy snacking than using the best ingredients and in the right balance (although we do..) which is why we made it our mission to help people snack smarter. Smart snacking isn't just about making healthier snack choices but also means thinking about our positive snacking habits; because, let's face it, it can be hard to do that when faced with a big slice of cake!

We really do believe in supporting people to make positive changes so that they can lead a healthier lifestyle so that's why we created Bounce Balls and Bites, packed with high quality protein energy and nutritious & balanced recipes, for everyone.

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