8th Floor,
6 Mitre Passage,
Greenwich Penisula,
SE10 0ER,
United Kingdom
Website: www.bornafoods.com

We are a young team here at Borna Foods whose mission is to provide honest, natural products. We source premium pistachios from our family-owned farms in Persia, where we are devoted to upholding traditions by hand selecting each pistachio to ensure the highest quality.

It is an exciting time for us here at Borna Foods. We have been based in North Greenwich, London since 2014 and currently launching some new products into the retail market which we are extremely proud of. We have a shared passion all about celebrating Pistachios and what you can do with them!

We are a family of pistachio farmers that have been growing and producing pistachios for over two decades in our locally-owned and family-managed farms in Persia. We offer a wide selection of pistachios in all shapes and sizes, and hand select each pistachio to guarantee the highest quality and keep with our traditions.

Native to the Middle East, Pistachios are a member of the cashew family and have been growing for thousands of years. Due to the desert climate, the Iranian province of Kerman in Iran is one of the best places in the world to grow pistachios.

The dry and warm conditions of the land contribute to a distinctive taste and high nutritional value, making pistachios one of the most nutrient dense nuts. A 30g serving of pistachios provides a useful source of protein, fibre, magnesium and antioxidants, with no cholesterol or trans-fat, containing all the components that are required by humans for complete health. Additionally, they can aid in the digestion of food, weight management and contribute to an overall healthy heart, making pistachios a terrific addition to your diet.

Our products are approved by The Vegetarian Society trademark. This is the UK's most widely recognised vegetarian symbol, so you can be confident that our products have undergone stringent checks to meet the trademarks vegetarian criteria.

We have been approved by the INC, whose mission is to stimulate and facilitate sustainable growth in the global Nut and Dried Fruit Industry. This accreditation demonstrates our valued product quality and excellence.

The BRC Global Standard for Agents and Brokers has been developed to provide a framework for managing product safety, quality and legality for these non-manufacturing businesses in the food and packaging industries. Borna Foods have been proudly accredited by the BRC so you can be assured of our good practice.

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