Boka Food

15 Glenmore Business Park
Vincients Road
Bumpers Farm

Boka Food is an innovative company, devoted to producing great tasting snacks with four green traffic lights, the recognised way of showing that they’re super low in sugar, fat, saturates and salt. Boka Food creates snacks firstly to be enjoyed but with the added bonus of being healthier than the alternatives

After years of development Boka Food launched the first Boka product, Boka cereal bar, in June 2016. The Boka Bar is unique in having all green traffic lights and is also high in fibre.

The newest addition is to the range of four flavour Boka bars are Boka mini mallows - sugar free marshmallows.

Boka’s development work to reduce sugar and fats in snacks presents Boka with an opportunity in the mainly unhealthy snacking sector, by providing a range of low sugar products as alternatives to the current high sugar offerings. The Boka range currently supports sugar reduction and healthy eating programmes, in hospitals, universities/colleges and corporate food outlets. Boka bars are also popular in retail offering low sugar till point snacks.

At Boka, we love delicious snacks but we don’t love the amount of sugar they typically contain.

Product listing


Apple & Cinnamon Boka Bar


Strawberry Boka Bar

Boka Caramel bar.250.png

Caramel Boka Bar


Choco Mallow - Boka Bar

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