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Black Bee Honey
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Black Bee Honey was launched in September 2017 by passionate beekeepers Paul and Chris.

The founders met in an office 15 years ago, but their interest in beekeeping led them to London’s rooftops and gardens, where they cared for over a million bees. It was a life changing experience but they weren’t content. In fact they were annoyed. Annoyed with all the tasteless honey they found on supermarket shelves. They wanted to share their love of raw, unblended honey with everyone, so Black Bee Honey was born.

Black Bee Honey offer a range of award winning, single-origin British Honeys. Each variety is unblended and unpasteurised with the apiary and beekeeper stamped on every jar. Black Bee Honey promote the flavour and health benefits of quality honey. Filling a gap between supermarket value brands and expensive Manuka varieties.

Since launch Black Bee honey has gained over 150 stockists including Ocado, Wholefoods, Sourced Market and Planet Organic. In July the company smashed it’s second investment round target on Crowdcube, raising £225k to fund its ambitious plans to become the number one brand for British honey.