BIOerg S.r.l.

BIOerg is an Italy-based innovative start-up. BIOerg patented its production process – based on fermentation technology - to obtain high yields of a high molecular-weight dextran: NextDext®. We adopt a unique microbial strain isolated at own laboratory.

NextDext® is a hydrocolloid and has all major functions for food – mainly gluten-free baked goods or fermented beverages - that will help improve rheological properties, to extend the shelf-life and to produce new functional foods such as bread, pasta, pastry, etc. It is a natural ingredient, not a food additive. NextDext® is available in powder and liquid forms.

NextDext® satisfies all major regulatory factors such as Gluten-free, Clean Label, Organic, Allergen-free, Non-GMO, etc.
NextDext® also has a prebiotic function, and supports you to develop new synbiotic dietary supplements. It can play the role of raw material for microcapsule coat to bring the main ingredients up to the human body intestine.

Product listing

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