Food Matters Live 2020, 13-14 October, virtual event


Better Nature

Address: 10a Paultons St.

At Better Nature, our mission is to make our food system more people-, planet- and animal-friendly. And we think we’ve found the perfect way to do so - through tempeh!

Tempeh fermentation takes any legume, nut, grain or seed (typically soybeans) and transforms them into an even better food source. It binds them into a meaty block that’s high in protein and fibre, great for the gut and totally plant-based.

It doesn’t stop there - our talented team is working to make tempeh even more nutritious and delicious! We have, through naturally playing around with the fermentation process, managed to increase its protein and vitamin B12 contents (calcium and iron are next!) and reduced its fermentation time from 48 to 18 hours. These haven’t been implemented into our products yet, but will be soon.

We’ve developed our first product range: our Soy Tempeh, Lupin Tempeh (made of lupin beans, not soy!), Tempeh Rashers (our smoky tempeh strips) and Tempeh Mince (or spag-bol-able tempeh, as we call it!). We’ve also experimented (successfully!) with making tempeh out of all different legumes, nuts, grains and seeds, beyond just soy and lupin, and are developing new, exciting tempeh products, including a game-changing, all-natural burger concept!