At Best In Bag, we believe knowledge is power. If you are a new brand or an entrant looking to find your niche in the UK FMCG market, or even an established producer servicing a portfolio of brands, our Brand-Audit Report is for you. You don’t just see the small percentage of brands that managed to win favour with the major retailers, but we also show you the large percentage of unknowns competing for the coveted shelf space, including some brands that have been discontinued.

With our full ingredient and nutritional analysis, we help you identify gaps in the market and help you identify key differentiating factors you could use to help you stand out from the crowd. Finally, we collate high and low pricing as well as customer reviews and sentiment where available to give you an overall understanding of your target product category.

Our services are available to facilitate research of existing products or help you benchmark your NPD before you commit to a development cycle. Speak to us to explore how we can help you make better NPD decisions. Connect with us at: