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Berryceuticals & Berrico FoodCompany

Address: Dokweg 1
8243 PT Lelystad
The Netherlands

Tel. +31 320 266 057

Berrico FoodCompany
Tel. +31 320 266 055

For Berryceuticals and Berrico it is and remains a fact that the cranberry is the epicentre of our activities. We work closely together with our partner Fruit d’Or in Canada and supply cranberries in many different forms: dried, frozen or aseptic, juice or powdered, conventional and organic, sweetened with cane sugar or with apple juice concentrate, whole, sliced and small pieces, standardised on proanthocyanins for the nutraceuticals or high in tocopherols and tocotrienols for cosmetics. The cranberry was our first specialty and will remain for us both a source of inspiration and the foundation of our reputation.

Over the years we have become specialized in many more types of berries and fruits, veggies, seeds, kernels and nuts. All these products are geared towards meeting our customers’ demand for pure, wholesome ingredients from nature, that provide health benefits. In addition we love innovation and we are always looking for innovative products. Of course we stay within our specialism.

Our focus is on quality and sustainability. Our suppliers are producers and often also growers. We can trace the products from farm to fork. Our supply chain is transparent and we visit our worldwide suppliers regularly to stay abreast of the latest technologies, crop information, innovations and quality & sustainability improvements.