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Berief Food GmbH

Berief: A pioneer brand of plant-based nutrition

Here at Berief we have always pioneered new ideas for delicious vegetarian food. It was a courageous step when in 1985 Hermann Berief founded a medium-sized company concentrating entirely on the manufacture and production of plantbased foods, given that in those days it was only a small minority of the population following a plant-based nutrition. Three decades later vegetarian and vegan nutrition is one of the main drivers of growth on today’s food market.

Over the last years Berief has established itself as a modern expert on plant-based nutrition in three categories. Based on a 34-year experience, Berief can offer a wide-ranging „Round-the-clock“ portfolio of vegan quality products. With our variations of tofu, several plant-based cup-products like yoghurts and cooking creams as well as our assortment of soya-, cereal- and nutty drinks we can provide our customers a broad plant-based product range.

Product listing

3D_BioTofu_Natur_Naturland 2019_WEB.jpg

Organic tofu natural

3D_BioTofu_Geraeuchert_Naturland 2019_WEB.jpg

Organic tofu smoked


Vegan spread liverwurst


Vegan ham sausage