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BenFit Food

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Healthy nutrition and bread - canĀ“t belong together. Until now! The german (Duesseldorf) Start-up BenFit combines the product characteristics of healthy nutrition with the taste of Italian white bread. Since July 2019, our customers and major sales channels are pleased about the new gluten-free high-protein products and the already announced new product range upcoming.

On, the team led by Ben, the founder and CEO of BenFit, regularly presents healthy recipes and shows that healthy eating does not have to be boring at all to over 50,000 followers. The demand in B2B, Retail, Convenience and E-Commerce is already very high and since July the new online shop has also been launched via This will be followed now with a country wide retail listing in Germany.

Certain is that BenFit products have real power, are healthy and innovative: all products are enriched with high-quality protein, which the body can use directly for building, maintaining and the regeneration of muscles. The valuable carbohydrates of the products provide fresh energy directly. On the other hand, fat, sugar and preservatives are minimal.

All products offer full protein power with comparatively few calories - the perfect mix for your personal goals! In addition, all products have a high saturating effect and revolutionize the bakery market.

"Taste the future" with BenFit and convince yourself with our various innovations.

Product listing

Bagel Sesame.jpg

High Protein - Bagel Sesame

Pretzel Sticks.jpg

High Protein - Pretzel Sticks

Toast (2).jpg

High Protein - Toast


High Protein - Buns