Aziende Agricole Di Martino - Schinosa

Via Annibale Maria di Francia, 178
76125 Trani (BT)
Tel: +39 081 1956700
Cell: +39 333 3356724

Aziende Agricole di Martino is a family run business based on the love for land and farming. Extra-virgin olive oil has been made in the Masseria Schinosa for over three-hundred years. The olive groves are kept following the most modern farming techniques and in the production of the extra-virgin olive oil tradition and innovation meet and melt together to give life to products of quality, tangible expressions of a territory and its history. The olives, harvested in the moment of perfect ripeness - are taken to the company-run, oil mill: a modern structure which uses an Amenduni continuous cycle, two-phase production line so that the olives are cold pressed on the same day that they are picked.
Kosher Certification: 1K Kosher

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