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AQUA Carpatica strives for natural way of living healthy and DRINKING INTELLIGENTLY, created by people that strongly believe that YOU deserve to live a healthy life, as much as YOU deserve to be able to enjoy it. Ideal solutions can always be found in nature’s original simplicity.

Deep within the wildness of Carpathian Mountains, AQUA Carpatica springs as a premium quality mineral water, naturally sodium and nitrate free, natural Ph alkaline. Its unique clean and crisp taste is courtesy of both the water’s pure composition and BPA free plastic or glass bottles.

While water means Life, a quality natural mineral water means Health.

AQUA Carpatica is a nature given gift and its health benefits are of note; as well as providing complete hydration and robust nutrition, the water natural bicarbonate and Ph stimulate digestion and diminishes symptoms associated with heartburn. Magnesium and calcium rich content help with bone structure progression and preserve the balance of neuromuscular system.

Naturally sodium and nitrate free content makes it a perfect water choice for the most demanding health conscious people, expectant mothers and newborns, high blood pressure sufferers and those pursuing low-sodium diets.

AQUA Carpatica brand success resides in the loyalty of our consumers and in our commitment to never sacrifice water purity. It is consumer experience with the brand, their love at first sip that has made and will make this unique water brand the first choice in their water selection.

PS We encourage everyone to be well informed about the health implications of their food, eating habits and drinks intake. Visit our stand for more insights about DRINKING INTELLIGENTLY.

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Aqua Carpatica Mineral Water

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