Anu Dairy

Anú Dairy
14 Market street
Co. Cork

Anú Dairy Limited, an Irish Limited Company established in April 2016, is a Certified Organic food company and as such connects the consumer to the positive role of cows in creating healthy food from healthy soils.

The company methods go beyond the typical organic food company as Anú dairy are also a regenerative agriculture company that develops solutions to increase soil
organic and carbon levels along with traditional chemical free organic farming. Using grazing management and soil microbiome analysis to discover the best option for farmers, consumers, animal welfare and environmental impact.

With increased soil health and high quality mixed pastures there is an increase in
nutrients involved with improved health such as Vitamin K2, CLA and Omega 3 in
dairy products. Anu dairy is taking a full holistic approach to food production by
starting back at the beginning and creating a healthy environment.

Anú dairy has developed a Vitamin K2 rich butter, which is organic and 100% grass-
fed. The product process involves the acute grassland management to naturally
enhance the levels of Vitamin K2 present in subsequent fat content of cream which
will be used for butter production. The butter is enriched with Vitamin K2 derived as
a direct result of the Companies grassland management techniques.

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