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Allergy UK is the leading national charity supporting the 21 million allergy sufferers in the UK. The charity provides a recognition scheme for catering outlets known as the ‘Allergy Aware Scheme’. The Scheme is an opportunity for catering outlets to demonstrate their commitment to safeguarding those with food allergy.

Living with a food allergy can be incredibly difficult, both physically and emotionally. With almost half (44%) of allergy sufferers living in fear[1] that they will experience a potentially fatal reaction, going out to a restaurant for dinner or popping out to a café for lunch can be an extremely daunting experience. The catering industry has a huge responsibility to help counteract this fear, by demonstrating the highest levels of allergy management knowledge and practices, to ensure both the safety of their consumers and to build confidence dining out for those living with allergy. “99% of allergy sufferers have said that they are more likely to return to a restaurant if they felt that the food outlet was up to date with allergy/intolerance knowledge”[2]

The Allergy Aware Scheme helps provide consumers with confidence when eating out at food establishments that are recognized by Allergy UK. The Scheme represents responsible catering outlets that have been independently audited and where staff have undergone detailed allergy training.

Allergy UK will be hosting their Industry Group Meeting, Catering For Customers Affected by Food Allergy… Can You Afford Not To? on 22nd November at Food Matters Live. This is a free event for catering professionals, if you wish to attend, please register on the Allergy UK website:

For more information about the Allergy Aware Scheme please contact, call 01322 470336 or visit