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SHARP - Seaweed for Healthier Traditional Food Products, is a collaborative research project between ALGAplus and 3 other entities in which seaweeds are used as a functional ingredient to improve the nutritional profile of traditional products while reducing the use of salt and synthetic additives in their production, thus promoting a healthier diet. These products will be presented at Food Matters Live 2018.
ALGA+® seaweeds are the solution for the food industries seeking a natural and healthy ingredient assured with quality, traceability, organic certification, stability of supply and small carbon-foot print that can help to differentiate their products as more balanced and healthy. Key nutritional benefits are “Low in fat / sugar / calories”, “Rich in fibre / iodine and a wide range of other minerals and vitamins”, “Gluten-free” as well as “Taste and texture improvements and salt reduction in formulations”.
ALGAplus is based in Portugal and all production phases are held in-house: biomass cultivation in our unique sustainable land-based integrated aquaculture system, processing and packaging. Our products are meant to suit the food industry, under the brand ALGA+®, restaurants and specialized retail stores with the brand Tok de Mar®.

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Organic certified Atlantic seaweeds