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The company has more than 23 years of experience in manufacturing of mobile domestic water ionisers that use electrolysis to transform the properties of regular water. They are the only water ionizers that feature an additional water silvering function, at no extra cost and requiring no additional ‘add on’ purchases. All devices are patented, certified and only environmentally-friendly materials are used in their production, making them safe to use.

ADROP Silver water ioniser is designed exclusively for the UK market. Made in accordance with UK technological standards, the device takes full advantage of our experience and technological know-how.

We believe in water as a source of life, well-being and general health.

We care for the health and well-being of consumers and offer them the best quality product to enjoy the benefits of ionised water.

We advocate sustainable business practices and develop partnerships with producers of eco-friendly goods that are distinguished by great quality and benefits to people’s health.

We cherish our current partners and look forward to establishing new long-lasting cooperation with dealers, distributors, agents in Europe and worldwide.

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