Adonis Smart Foods

4 Elder St
E1 6BT
United Kingdom

At Adonis Smart Foods, we make low sugar, 100% natural and healthy snacking easy and accessible for everyone. We have designed our products to be low in sugar so that they aim to not cause a blood sugar spike. They have between 1-2g of naturally occurring sugar and only 2g of total impact carbs, using no refined sugar or added fruit sugar. Our products are 100% natural, gluten free, vegan, soy free and paleo.

We have two ranges of products, two newly launched crunchy nut snack bars and three varieties of brownies. All our products benefit from being:

- Low sugar/low carb (no dates or syrups)
- 100% natural
- Vegan
- Gluten free
- Dairy free
- Soy free
- Palm oil free
- High in fibre

Product listing

Vanilla Bar Picture.jpg

Adonis Crunchy Low Sugar Vanilla Nut Bar

Pecan Bar Picture.jpg

Adonis Crunchy Low Sugar Pecan Nut Bar

Brownie Picture.jpg

Adonis Low Sugar Brownie

Blondie Picture.jpg

Adonis Low Sugar Blondie

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