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Brewing a dream - Olitia is an innovative new tea, made from extracts of Olive leaves grown in the desert state of Rajasthan. Since the incorporation in 2007, Rajasthan Olive Cultivation Limited (ROCL) and Green Leaf Project Olive have been enabling farmers at root level, by helping them produce better with simple organic methods, with the aim of increasing their incomes. The result is the first real alternative to Green Tea. Seven leading varieties of olive trees were selected and up to 13,000 olive trees planted. The olive plants are grown in cocopeat for the first year in a controlled environment. Cocopeat is a natural fibre made from coconut husks, and has the ability to store and release nutrients to the plants, preventing any kind of bacterial and fungal growth. 10 years on and they now handpick the best, ensuring that these silvery green soft leaves have just the right aroma and the best medicinal properties, such as 4 x times more calcium than any other green or herbal tea, and it tastes amazing!

They’ve packed up this freshness so it can later be unleashed and indulged by the experience of the world’s first olive tea. Watch the leaves simmer to shades of amber, and then enjoy basking in their mellow richness - a modern-day detoxifying elixir.
If Yoga were a tea, then Olitia would be it. #TeaforToday

Product listing

Holy Basil.jpg

Olitia Holy Basil Olive Tea

Refreshing Mint.jpg

Olitia Refreshing Mint Olive Tea

Zesty Lemongrass.jpg

Olitia Zesty Lemongrass Olive Tea


Olitia Classic Olive Tea

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