Kremezzat GmbH

Kremezzat GmbH
Opernring 1/E/229

Kremezzat GmbH was established in Vienna in the year 2001, it is specialized in organic and healthy foods and beverages as well as food supplements, by using its own innovative recipes. These products are distributed into two brands.

The first line of products is the organic food and drinks My E. Bio; this includes the vegan products My E. Organic energy drink, My E. Organic Cola and My E. Organic Fruity Bears. All of which are the same sweet amazing tastes we all love but with a natural, organic and a vegan twist.

Besides My E Bio products, By Dr. E effervescent tablets were introduced to the market. By Dr. E is considered the first products in the world to introduce herbs and plant extracts in effervescent form. They introduce to the users adequate dosage in a pleasant and fizzy fruity taste of the different beneficial herbs and plant extracts to gain health out of nature. They include IRON+C, NatuVe and Natuobesit effervescent tablets which are completely vegan.

Product listing


Iron+C by Dr. E.


NatuVe by Dr. E.


NatuVe plus IRON+C Combo Pack by Dr. E.


Natuobesit by Dr. E.

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