European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group

Lyoner Str. 18
60528 Frankfurt

To contact EHEDG in the UK and Ireland, email us at

EHEDG comprises a group of equipment manufacturers, research institutes, academic bodies and companies which work collaboratively to improve hygienic engineering and design standards in all aspects of food manufacture and to drive the adoption of best practice.
EHEDG UK & Ireland is actively supporting the food industry by working collaboratively with organisations and academia to improve hygienic engineering and design standards, and disseminating best practice guidance via the EHEDG Yearbook, EHEDG Technical Guidelines, training sessions and seminars. It is also helping to facilitate the inclusion of hygienic design and engineering in further and higher education courses.
We are particularly keen to support smaller companies which may lack internal resources or engineering expertise. We also want to work with and learn from other organisations as we strive to deliver improvements in industry standards.
For more information and a full list of contacts for EHEDG UK & Ireland visit our website or follow us on Linkedin or @EHEDG_UKIE