Good Living Brew Co

Sundial House, High Street, Horsell, United Kingdom, GU21 4SU


The Good Living Brew Co is a Surrey based business, started in 2018 by women with years of experience in the beer industry. Each a specialist in a different aspect of making great beverages and each seeking a moderate alcohol product that they would want to enjoy with food.

They pioneered the 5-day hop leaf extraction process used in binary Botanical Ale. This delivers a unique tangy rather than bitter taste and has created a completely new style of beer, like nothing you’ve tried before. Not only does this process deliver great flavour, it is also more sustainable as the hop leaves are usually discarded.

GLBCo was established to offer brewed products that are better choices for your wellbeing and lifestyle. This means having lower in alcohol and calorie products without the compromise in taste. Their products are also vegan, sugar free and low in gluten.

For more information please see or @binaryale on social media.

Product listing

Binary Botanical product 250.jpg

Binary Botanical Ale by Good Living Brew Co