The curated exhibition brings together hundreds of organisations, ranging from major food and drink manufacturers to new and enterprising start-ups, together with ingredients suppliers, retailers, foodservice providers and research bodies - each showcasing the latest developments in better-for-you food and drink innovation. 

Stand number
5th Season Fruits Limited Stand J48
a la calc Stand K48
AAK Stand B45
AB MAURI Stand D74
Aceville Media Partner
Action on Salt Supporter
Action on Sugar Supporter
Active Root Stand J85
Aduna Stand B106
Afede Wellness Stand C30
Agroportex.Bio Supporter
AGT Foods Stand B126
AIT Ingredients Stand B70
Ajika Stand J34
AlaskOmega AG Stand B10
Albeena Stand C78
ALGAplus Stand E22
Alliance Technical Laboratories Ltd Stand D71
Allsep’s Pty Ltd Stand K60
Amano Enzymes Stand B74
Andina Ingham Stand B55
Antidotefuel Ltd Stand J50
Aptiekas Produkcija Stand J1
ARIVIA S.A. Match Hub-Spot
Arnika Organic LLC Stand H34
Aroq Limited Media Partner
Artion Greek Foods Stand NU16
Astareal Match Hub-Spot
Azelis UK Stand F22
Baking Europe Media Partner
Bar Magazine Media Partner
Barentz UK Limited Stand F10
BASF Sponsor
Bayn Europe AB Stand - D84
Bell Publishing Media Partner
Berief Food GmbH Stand G50
Berryceuticals & Berrico FoodCompany Stand NUK36
Better Nature Stand J41
Better Retailing Magazine Media Partner
BiaBiz Supporter
Black Bee Honey Stand J38
BLM Group Media Partner
Blood Pressure UK Supporter
Brenntag UK & Ireland Stand E20
British Argentine Chamber of Commerce - BACC Supporter
British Contract Manufacturers and Packers Association (BCMPA) Supporter
BSI Group Stand J78
BTC Europe Match Hub-Spot - Tuesday 19 & Wednesday 20 November
Business France Supporter
Café Life Media Partner
California Walnuts Stand - H18
Cannasa Stand J58
Casas De Hualdo Stand NU08
CEC Editore Media Partner
Cert ID Europe Supporter
Chaucer Foods Ltd Stand G70
Chewsy Gum Stand J43
Chief Chocolate Officer Stand J62
CIM Online Ltd Media Partner
Clarkson Specialty Lecithins Stand A14
Clasado Biosciences Stand J77
CNS Media Media Partner
Cocktail Adventures, SL Stand J10
Complete Media & Marketing Media Partner
Complete Nutrition Media Partner
Cost Sector Catering Media Partner
Council For Responsible Nutrition Stand - D68
Credible Nutrition Stand J37
Crownhealth Match Hub-Spot - Tuesday 19 & Wednesday 20 November
CyberColloids Ltd Stand C72
Daymer Ingredients Stand C61
Deutsche Startups Food and FoodTech Platform Supporter
Dewberry Redpoint Media Partner
Dietetics Today Media Partner
Direct Food Ingredients Stand C50
Dohler Innovation Advice Hub Stand K21
DrinkPreneur Media Partner
Drynks Unlimited
Eatable Adventures Supporter
Edlong Corporation Stand C24
EIT Food Leaders lunch host
Equinox Kombucha Stand J71
Essentia Protein Solutions Match Hub-Spot
EUFIC Future Kitchen Stand G25 - Nordic Corner
Eurofins Food Integrity and Innovation Stand D68A
Euromonitor Supporter
European Food Information Council (EUFIC) Stand G25
European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA) Supporter
European Supermarket Magazine Media Partner
Evonik Match Hub-Spot - Tuesday 19 & Wednesday 20 November
F R BENSON & PARTNERS LTD Match Hub-Spot - Tuesday 19 November
Family Secret Ltd Stand J59
Federation of Hellenic Food Industries Supporter
Fevia Supporter
FMCG CEO Media Partner
Fodilicious Stand J40
Food and Drink Business Europe Media Partner
Food and Drink International Media Partner
Food and Drink Network UK Media Partner
Food and Drink Technology Media Partner
Food and Drink Wales Stand G60 - H60
Food for Life Europe Stand H15
Food Ingredients First Media Partner
FoodBerry Ltd. Stand G71
FoodBev Media Media Partner
FoodChain Magazine Media Partner
FoodDrinkEurope Supporter
Foodie Flavours Stand J48
Foodservice Packaging Association Supporter
FreeFrom Awards Stand 201 - General Zone & Supporter
Friendly Organic Foods S.A. Stand H35
Friesland Campina DMV Stand G14
Fytexia Match Hub-Spot - Tuesday 19 November
GE Digital Sponsor
Gelita Stand E24
Genie Living Drinks Stand J39
Gerald McDonald And Company Limited Stand E16
Giant Peach Educational Roundtable & Digital Partner
Glanbia Performance Nutrition Match Hub-Spot - Tuesday 19 November
GNT Group Stand C40
Goddess Nutrition Stand 32 - Sports Nutrition Zone
Grandflame Media Partner
Green Meat Products B.V. Stand H51
Gregory's Tree Stand - H53A
Grocery Accelerator Ltd Supporter
Grocery Trader Media Partner
Grub Club Events Supporter
Gullon Biscuits Stand G30 & Sponsor
Gut Instinct Foods Stand J73
Health Food Business Magazine Media Partner
Healy Group Stand D38
HFMA Supporter
HPCi Media Media Partner
HTC Health Match Hub-Spot - Tuesday 19 November
Huegli Stand D30
Humble Acre Stand J49
i-ingredients Ltd Stand D50 & Sponsor
IBD Consultancy Stand H35
IGD Supporter
ILSI Europe Stand J86
IMCD Stand B50
Impact Foods Stand B102
Innovopro Stand B112
International Sandwich & Food to Go News Media Partner
International Taste Solutions Ltd (ITS) Stand D20
Intertek Sponsor
ITA - Italian Trade Agency Supporter
Italia Longevity Stand NUK31
Italian Chamber of Commerce And Industry For The UK Supporter
Jungbunzlauer Stand D24
just-drinks Media Partner
just-food Media Partner
K.-W. Pfannenschmidt GmbH Stand F20
Kalsec Stand F18
Kanegrade Stand D66
Kappa Bioscience Vitamin K2 Advice Hub Stand D60
KD Nutra Stand B10b
Kemin Sponsor
Kerry Taste & Nutrition Sponsor
KLBD Kosher Educational Roundtable & Supporter
Kreglinger Specialties Stand G20
KSM-66 Ashwagandha Stand G10
L'Integratore Nutrizionale Media Partner
Lionel Hitchen Stand B40
Lonza Stand F14 & Sponsor
Lovegrass Ethiopia Stand - J59
Lycored Stand D100
Marigot Group Stand C92
Mathys & Squire Stand K47
Medibel Stand F16
Melico Stand C102
Meltz Stand NUK32
MERZDORF Fine Food Sp. z o.o. Stand NU01
Mintec Sponsor
Mintel Supporter
Mizkan Euro Ltd. Stand H69
Natural History Museum of Meteora and Mushroom Museum Stand NU09
Naturex Stand C20
Network Health Digest Media partner
Nexira Stand - D90
No.1 Living Stand J70
Noluma Stand G72
Nooj Stand H53
Noor Enzymes Stand NU17 - International Brands Pavilion
Nutraceutical Business Review Media Partner
Nutrilicious - Superfood Snacks Stand J79
Nutrion PLC Stand K4
Nutrition I-Mag Media Partner
Nutrition Insight Media Partner
Nutrition Works Stand A36
Omya International AG Stand D59
One Gum Stand B74
One Planet Pizza Stand G90
Organic & Natural Business Magazine Media Partner
Osondoson Stand H13
Otzibrew Stand J44
Packaging Europe Media Partner
Paradise Fruits by Jahncke Stand D22
Pasta Foods Stand C59
PB Leiner Stand C29
PB&Co Supporter
Pen & Tec Sponsor
PLP Private Label Professionals Stand NUK33
Poland Fruits Media Partner
POP Power of Peanuts Stand J33
PortugalFoods Stand G88
Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in UK Supporter
PPL Insights Stand K58
Premier Publishing Media Partner
Prime Fifty Ltd. Stand C88 - Ingredients
PRONATEC Match Hub-Spot - Wednesday 20 November
Protec Nutra Ltd Stand D18
Prowexx ltd Supporter
Purely Plantain Chips Stand J30
Purpose Foods Stand J42
Quinoa Cotopaxi SA Stand H35
Raisio Stand - G25R
Raps UK Stand D28
Reading Scientific Services Limited (RSSL) Stand C60
Restaurant Industry News Media Partner
Robertet Stand C22
Rochester PR Group Supporter
RXBAR Stand J72
Sabinsa Stand C51
Salsicharia da Gardunha Stand G40
Salutivia Stand C18
Schofield Publishing Media Partner
SEFARI Match Hub-Spot - Tuesday 19 November
Sila Gum Srl Stand NUK25
Smart Salt Oy Stand - G24a
Snack Creations Stand C59
Snack, Nut & Crisp Manufacturers Association (SNACMA) Supporter
Snoooze Stand J54
Soft Drinks International Stand 146 & Media Partner
Soja Austria Stand NUK24
South Press Co Stand - H54
Soylent Stand C94 - General Zone & Sponsor
Speciality Food Magazine Media Partner
Stockpot Media Partner
Stringer Flavours Ltd Stand C70
Stylus Supporter
Swirlit Match Hub-Spot - Tuesday 19 & Wednesday 20 November
Symprove Ltd Stand J76
Synergy Flavours Match Hub-Spot - Wednesday 20 November
Target Publishing Media Partner
Taste Flavourings Stand D21
Taste PR Stand - C94
The Danish-UK Association Supporter
The Food Agency Supporter
The Food Marketing Experts Supporter
The Gut Stuff Supporter
The Health Optimisation Summit Supporter
The Ingredients Consultancy Stand B90
The Skinny Food Co Stand L80
The Society of Food Hygiene and Technology (SOFHT) Supporter
The Sustainable Restaurant Association Supporter
The University Caterers Organisation (TUCO) Supporter
The Vegetarian Society Ltd Stand G74
The Watercress Company Match Hub-Spot - Wednesday 20 November
THT manufacturer of probiotics Stand H24
Total Diet & Meal Replacements Europe Supporter
TradExpo Stand - H12
Treatt Stand A12
Troo Foods Stand J74
UMI Supporter
University of Birmingham Match Hub-Spot - Tuesday 19 November
University of Oxford Stand H82
Valentis Stand C86
VAN HEES GmbH Stand G16
vaneeghen Stand D72
VBites Stand G90
Vertical Farming Stand - H67
Volac Stand B94
Waltons Publications Media Partner
Wholesale Manager Media Partner
Yogan - Vegan & Organic Alternatives to Cheese Stand M42
Young Foodies Supporter