The curated exhibition brings together hundreds of organisations, ranging from major food and drink manufacturers to new and enterprising start-ups, together with ingredients suppliers, retailers, foodservice providers and research bodies - each showcasing the latest developments in better-for-you food and drink innovation. 

Stand number
a la calc Stand J73
AAK Stand B45 - Ingredients
AB MAURI Stand D74 - Ingredients
Acerchem Match Hub-Spot - Ingredients
Action on Salt Supporter
Action on Sugar Supporter
ACTIPH Sponsor
ADROP Stand 346 - Drink Well Zone
Aduna Stand B106 - Ingredients Zone
Afede Wellness Stand C30 - Ingredients Zone
Agroportex.Bio Supporter
AGT Foods Stand B126 - Ingredients Zone
AIT Ingredients Stand B70 - Ingredients Zone
Albeena Stand C78 - General Zone
Albion Minerals Stand 800 - Ingredients Zone
ALGAplus Stand E22 - Ingredients Zone
Algenheld Stand 1011 - Start Up Zone
Allergy UK Supporter
Alliance Technical Laboratories Ltd Stand D71 - General Zone
Allsep’s Pty Ltd Stand L20 - General Zone
Amaize Drinks Stand 984 - Start Up Zone
Amano Enzymes Stand B74 - Ingredients Zone
AmerPharma Stand 788 - Lubelskie Region Pavilion
Andina Ingham Stand B55 - Ingredients Zone
Angel Yeast Stand E18 - International Zone
Aptiekas Produkcija Stand J1 - International Zone
apyball® Stand 614 - Healthy Snacking Zone
AQUA Carpatica Stand 422 - General Zone
Aromatech Stand 540 - Ingredients Zone
Artibel Stand 71 - Made in Calabria, the toe of Italy's boot
ASSOCIAZIONE PUNTA STILO Stand 63 - Made in Calabria, the toe of Italy's boot
Astareal Match Hub-Spot
AZ. AGR. ALTOMONTE ANTONINO Stand 59 - Made in Calabria, the toe of Italy's boot
AZ. AGR. SERGIO ARCURI Stand 57 - Made in Calabria, the toe of Italy's boot
Azelis UK Stand F22 - General Zone
B Investment Solutions Stand 429 - Ingredients Zone
B&I Catering Magazine Media Partner
Baking Europe Media Partner
Balchem Stand 800 - Ingredients Zone
Bar Magazine Media Partner
Bayer Foundations Stand 935 - General Zone
Beech's Fine Chocolates Stand 76 - General Zone
Beijing Unique International Exhibition Co. Ltd China Pavilion - International Zone
Bell Publishing Media Partner
Bellygoodness LTD Stand 244 - Free from Zone
Bempresa Sp. z o.o. Stand 788 - LUBELSKIE REGION PAVILION
BENEO Stand 200 - Ingredients Zone
Berief Food GmbH Stand G50 - International Zone
Best in Bag Supporter
Better Retailing Magazine Media Partner
BetterYou Stand 525 - Nutraceutical Showcase
BiaBiz Supporter
Bimuno Stand J77 - Ingredients Zone
Bingham & Jones - Innovations in Food Stand 766 - General Zone
BIOerg S.r.l. Stand 1010 - International Zone
BLCC Stand 218 - International Zone
Blood Pressure UK Supporter
Bodkin's Stand 998 - Start Up Zone
Boka Food Stand 995 - Start Up Zone
Botanical Innovations Stand 461 - Ingredients Zone
Brenntag UK & Ireland Stand E20 - General Zone
British Argentine Chamber of Commerce - BACC Supporter
British Contract Manufacturers and Packers Association (BCMPA) Stand 318 - Supporter
British Dietetic Association (BDA) Stand 932 - General Zone
British Sandwich & Food to Go Association Supporter
Brunel Healthcare Stand 523 - Ingredients Zone
BSI Group Stand J78 - General Zone
BTC Europe Match Hub-Spot
Bug Farm Foods Ltd Stand 410 & 420 - Food & Drink Wales Pavilion
BumbleZest Drinks Stand 1007 - Start Up Zone
Business France Supporter
Café Life Media Partner
California Prunes Stand 760 & Sponsor
California Walnut Commission Stand 222 - General Zone
Calleva Ingredients Limited Stand 105 - Ingredients Zone
Cambridge Glycoscience Stand 725 - General Zone - EIT Standsharer
CANTINE VIGLIANTI Stand 58 - Made in Calabria, the toe of Italy's boot
Captain Kombucha Stand 652 - Drink Well Zone
Casa del Fermentino Stand 465 - Ingredients Zone
CasaLuker Stand 184 - Ingredients Zone
CASEARIA CROTONESE Stand 61 - Made in Calabria, the toe of Italy's boot
Cash & Carry Management Media Partner
Catalina Food Solutions, S.L Stand 120 - Ingredients Zone
Cert ID Europe Supporter
Changsha HUIR Biological-Tech Co,. LTD Stand 121 - General Zone
Chaucer Foods Ltd Stand G70 - General Zone
Check Your Food Stand 754 - General Zone
Chef’s Promise Stand 410 & 420 - Food & Drink Wales Pavilion
Chocolette Confectionary Limited Stand 82 - General Zone
CHOKKINO, the cacao espresso Stand 345 - Drink Well Zone
CHR Hansen Stand 110 - Ingredients Zone
Clarkson Specialty Lecithins Stand A14
Clearly Drinks Stand J80 - Drink Well Zone
Coco Junction Stand 983 - Start Up Zone
Cofiol Stand 720 - International Zone
Complete Nutrition Media Partner
Corman Match Hub-Spot - Finished Products
Cornelius Group Stand 110 - Ingredients Zone
Cost Sector Catering Media Partner
Council for Responsible Nutrition Stand 523 - Ingredients Zone & Supporter
CP Kelco Stand 192 - Ingredients Zone
CyberColloids Ltd Stand C72 - Research Hub
Daon Food Co., Ltd Stand 618 - Healthy Snacking Zone
Davina Steel - Gluten Free Baking Stand 232 - Free From Zone
Daymer Ingredients Stand C61 - Ingredients Zone
DBOOST (Vitamin D) DRINKS Ltd Stand 988 - Start Up Zone
DCC Health & Beauty Solutions Stand 525 - Nutraceutical Showcase
DDW Colours Ltd Stand 182 - Ingredients Zone
Dear Crete – Kalabokis SA Stand 732 - Greek Pavilion
Deutsche Startups Food and FoodTech Platform Supporter
Dewberry Redpoint Media Partner
Dietetics Today Media Partner
Direct Food Ingredients Stand C50 - Ingredients Zone
DNAFoil® Stand 725 - General Zone - EIT Standsharer
Doehler GmbH Stand 198 - Ingredients Zone
DOLCEFRAIETTA Stand 65 - Made in Calabria, the toe of Italy's boot
DONATO PARISI Stand 55 - Made in Calabria, the toe of Italy's boot
dotMedia Stand 788 - Lubelskie Region Pavilion
DouxMatok Stand 725 - General Zone - EIT Standsharer
Dr. Harnisch Verlag Media Partner
Drink Technology and Marketing Media Partner
DrinkPreneur Media Partner
DrNashGlycoHealth Stand 410 & 420 - Food & Drink Wales Pavilion
DSM Foods Specialties Stand 192 - Ingredients Zone
DSM Nutritional Products Stand 523 - Ingredients Zone
DuPont Match Hub-Spot - Ingredients & Sponsor
Dutch Balls Stand 990 - Start Up Zone
Eat Drink Sleep Media Partner
Eatable Adventures Supporter
Ecotrophelia Stand 816 - General Zone
Edge Pharma Stand 102 - International Zone
Edlong Dairy Flavors Stand C24 - Ingredients Zone
EIT Food Stand 725 - Research Hub
Embassy of Peru International Innovations: Catering for Health and Wellbeing
Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Stand 927 - International Zone
Energy Ball Recipe Stand 1001 - Start Up Zone
EnOr Health Stand 987 - Start Up Zone
Enterprise Europe Network Stand 762 - General Zone
Enterprise Ireland Stand 820 - General Zone
Entopia Stand 731 - Greek Pavilion
Equinox Kombucha Stand J71 - Drink Well Zone
Essentia Protein Solutions Match Hub-Spot
Essenzefruits Stand 651 - Drink Well Zone
Eurofins Food Integrity and Innovation Stand D68A - General Zone
Euromonitor Supporter
European Food Information Council Supporter
European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group Stand 683 - General Zone
European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA) Supporter
European Supermarket Magazine Media Partner
Evonik Match Hub-Spot
FALKEN TRADE Stand D40 - Ingredients Zone
Favella Stand 64 - Made in Calabria, the toe of Italy's boot
Federation of Hellenic Food Industries Supporter
Feudo San Lorenzo Stand 999 - Start Up Zone
Fevia Supporter
Fine Food Digest Media Partner
Fine Nutritions Co. Stand 426 - Ingredients Zone
Firmenich Stand 460 - Ingredients Zone
Flyte Stand 981 - Start Up Zone
FMCG News Media Partner
Fondazione Edmund Mach (FEM) Stand 941 - International Zone
Food and Drink Business Europe Stand 930 & Media Partner
Food and Drink International Media Partner
Food and Drink Network UK Media Partner
Food and Drink Technology Media Partner
Food and Drink Wales Stand G60 - H60 : International Zone
Food Chain ID Europe Supporter
Food for Life Europe Stand H15 - International
Food Ingredients First Media Partner
Food Innovation Wales Stand 410 & 420 - Food & Drink Wales Pavilion
Food Manufacture Media Partner
Food Marketing and Technology Media Partner
Food Navigator Media Partner
FoodBev Media Media Partner
FoodChain Magazine Media Partner
FoodDrinkEurope Supporter
Foodie Flavours Stand J48 - General Zone
Foodmaestro Stand 530 & Sponsor
Foodservice Packaging Association Supporter
Foodtrending Stand 106 - Ingredients Zone
Footprint Media Partner
Forum Products Limited Stand F10 - Ingredients Zone
FRANTOIO CONVERSO Stand 68 - Made in Calabria, the toe of Italy's boot
FreeFrom Awards Stand 201 - General Zone & Supporter
Friesland Campina DMV Stand G14 - General Zone & Sponsor
Functional Sports Nutrition Magazine Media Partner
FutureCeuticals Stand 800 - Ingredients Zone
Fytexia Match Hub-Spot
Galactic Stand 202 - Ingredients Zone
Garden Centre Catering Magazine Media Partner
Gelita Stand E24 - General Zone
General Mills Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition Stand 84 - General Zone
Genius Stand 67 - Made in Calabria, the toe of Italy's boot
Gerald McDonald And Company Limited Stand E16 - General Zone
Get More Vits Stand 658 - Drink Well Zone
Giant Peach Educational Roundtable & Digital Partner
Glanbia Performance Nutrition Match Hub-Spot
Glucanova Stand 725 - General Zone - EIT Standsharer
GNT Group Stand C40 - Ingredients Zone
Goddess Nutrition Stand 32 - Sports Nutrition Zone
GoFigure Stand 525 - Nutraceutical Showcase
GOLOSERIE Stand 62 - Made in Calabria, the toe of Italy's boot
Good Living Brew Co Stand 1012 - Start Up Zone
Gregory’s Tree Stand 348 - Healthy Snacking Zone
Grocery Accelerator Ltd Supporter
Grocery Trader Media Partner
Grub Club Events Supporter
GS1 UK Stand 776 - General Zone & Sponsor
Gullon Biscuits Stand G30 - General Zone & Sponsor
Gut Instinct Foods Stand J79 - Drink Well Zone
H2O Publishing Media Partner
harmonica Stand 243 - General Zone
Health Food Business Magazine Media Partner
Healy Group Stand D38 - general Zone
Hearthside Europe Stand 38 - Sports Nutrition Zone
Hellenia Healthfoods Stand 525 - Nutraceutical Showcase
Herbalife Nutrition Sponsor
HIT - Hub Innovazione Trentino Stand 941 - International Zone
Hospital Caterers Association Supporter
Huegli Stand D30 - Ingredients Zone
i-ingredients Ltd Stand D50 - General Zone & Sponsor
IFF Stand 94 - Ingredients Zone
IFIS Publishing Supporter
IGD Supporter
ILSI Europe Stand 794 - Research Hub
IMCD Stand B50 - Ingredients Zone
Impact Foods Stand B102 - Ingredients Zone
INIU Stand 340 - Drink Well Zone
Innovations in Food Technology Media Partner
Innovopro Stand B112 - Ingredients Zone
Institute for Optimum Nutrition Stand 945 - General Zone
Institute of Food Science & Technology (IFST) Stand 816 - General Zone & Supporter
International Sandwich and Food to Go News Media Partner
International Taste Solutions Ltd (ITS) Stand D20 - General Zone
Intertek Stand 507 - Research Hub & Sponsor
Intertek Food Testing Services UK Stand 507 - Research Hub
Invest in Lubelskie Stand 788 - Lubelskie Region Pavilion
Inya-Gold Stand 982 - Start Up Zone
Iprona Stand 440 - Ingredients Zone
Irmãos Monteiro S.A Stand 454 - Ingredients Zone
ISIK TARIM A.S. Stand G35 - General Zone
iSqueeze Stand 340 - Drink Well Zone
Italian Chamber of Commerce And Industry For The UK Supporter
Jacked Foods Match Hub-Spot - Finished products
JC Dudley Stand 440 - Ingredients Zone
Jiangsu Benefit Ocean Technology Co., Ltd. Stand 425 - Ingredients Zone
Jungbunzlauer Stand D24 - General Zone
Kalsec Stand F18 - General Zone
Kanegrade Stand D66 - Ingredients Zone
Kappa Bioscience Vitamin K2 Advice Hub Stand D60 - Ingredients Zone
Karrman Cooks Stand 1115 - Start Up Zone
Kemin Stand 523 - Ingredients Zone & Sponsor
Kerry Taste & Nutrition Stand 428 - Ingredients Zone & Sponsor
Kettle Foods Ltd Stand 280 - Free from Zone
KiSS UK Stand 447 - Ingredients Zone
KLBD Kosher Educational Roundtable & Supporter
Knight Scientific Limited Stand 4 - Research Hub
Kombucha Kat Stand 341 - Drink Well Zone
Kool Organics Stand 1005 - Start Up Zone
Kreglinger Specialties Stand G20 - Ingredients Zone
KSM-66 Ashwagandha Stand G10 - Ingredients Zone & Sponsor
Kydonis Olive Oil Stand 991 - Start Up Zone
LA CIOCCOLATERIA Stand 73 - Made in Calabria, the toe of Italy's boot
LA SPINA SANTA Stand 69 - Made in Calabria, the toe of Italy's boot
Laboratotia Natury Stand 788 - Lubelskie Region Pavilion
Lallemand Bio-Ingredients Match Hub-Spot - Ingredients
Lamberts Healthcare Stand 525 - Nutraceutical Showcase
Lapthorn Media Media Partner
Leanpath Stand 302 - International Zone
Leighton Brown Crisps Stand 241 - Free from Zone
Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients Stand 370 - Ingredients Zone
Linwoods Ingredients Match Hub-Spot - Ingredients
Lionel Hitchen Stand B40 - Ingredients Zone
LittlePod Ltd Stand 4 - Research Hub
LivOn! Antioxidant Coffee Drink Stand 650 - Drink Well Zone
LIZZY & PHYLLIS CROQUETTES Stand 216 - Belgian Pavilion
London Metropolitan University Stand 335 - Research Hub
Lonza Ltd Stand F14 - General Zone & Sponsor
LOUX Stand 733 - Greek Pavilion
Love Your Inner Self Stand 762 - General Zone
Lovegrass Ethiopia Stand 240 - Start Up Zone
Lovely Fodder Stand 966 - General Zone
Lovemore Free From Foods Stand 410 & 420 - Food & Drink Wales Pavilion
Luhv Drinks Stand 985 - Start Up Zone
M.A.S.S. Health Stand 525 - Nutraceutical Showcase
Mackle Snacks Stand 626 - Healthy Snacking Zone
MADE WITH LUVE Stand 725 - General Zone - EIT Standsharer
Manchester Metropolitan University Stand 824 - Research Hub
Manna Stand 997 - Start Up Zone
Marigot Group Stand C92 - Ingredients Zone
Mario’s Luxury Welsh Ice Cream Stand 410 & 420 - Food & Drink Wales Pavilion
Mathys & Squire Stand K47 - General Zone
Meatless BV Stand 740 - Ingredients Zone
Medibel Stand F16 - Ingredients Zone
METAROM Benelux Stand 206 - Belgian Pavilion
MEZAP Stand 734 - Greek Pavilion
Microsearch Laboratories Stand 826 - Research Hub
Mintec Sponsor
Mintel Supporter
Montrose Chocolate Stand 966 - General Zone
Mount Olympus Pure Foods Ltd Stand 653 - Drink Well Zone
Muscle Moose Stand 30 - Sports Nutrition Zone
National Association of Care Catering (NACC) Supporter
NattoPharma Match Hub-Spot - Ingredients
Natural Machines Stand 725 - General Zone - EIT Standsharer
Naturalea Match Hub Spot - Ingredients
Naturally Better Brands Stand 330 - Drink Well Zone
Natures Aid Stand 525 - Nutraceutical Showcase
Naturex Stand C20 - Ingredients Zone
NBTY Europe Stand 525 - Nutraceutical Showcase
NCC Food Ingredients Stand 452 - Ingredients Zone
Network Health Digest Media partner
New Food Magazine Media Partner
Nielsen Brandbank Stand 530 & Sponsor
NKD Living Stand 230 - Start Up Zone
No.1 Living Stand J70 - Drink Well Zone
No1 Rosemary Water Sponsor
Noble Harvest AS Stand 436 - Ingredients Zone
Noble Leaf – The Mindful Tea Company Stand 996 - Start Up Zone
Noluma Stand G72 - General Zone
Novo Farina Stand 156 - Ingredients Zone
Nutraceutical Business Review Media Partner
Nutraceuticals Now Stand 834 - General Zone & Media Partner
NUTRAfoods Media Partner
NutraIngredients Media Partner
Nutricol Stand 178 - Ingredients Zone
Nutrilicious - Superfood Snacks Stand H74 - General Zone
Nutrition Insight Media Partner
OddPops Stand 357 - Healthy Snacking Zone
Olmix SA Stand E22 - Ingredients Zone
Omya International AG Stand D59 - General Zone
Onboard Hospitality Media Partner
OOH Magazine Media Partner
OPERA TERRAE Stand 66 - Made in Calabria, the toe of Italy's boot
OptiBiotix Health Stand 525 - Nutraceutical Showcase
Orbz Ltd Stand 989 - Start Up Zone
Organic & Natural Business Magazine Media Partner
Osondoson Stand H13
Ötzibrew Stand 245 - Free from Zone
Outeirinho Stand 791 - Drink Well Zone
P-Build Stand 444 - Ingredients Zone
Packaging Gazette Media Partner
Paradise Fruits Stand D22 - General Zone
Pasta Foods Stand C59 - Ingredients Zone
PASTIFICIO FIORILLO Stand 70 - Made in Calabria, the toe of Italy's boot
PB Leiner Stand C29 - Ingredients Zone
PB&Co Supporter
Pen & Tec Sponsor
Pennotec Stand 410 & 420 - Food & Drink Wales Pavilion
Pharmind Stand 604 - Drink Well Zone
PIZZA BASE ITALIA – CUOR DI FARINA Stand 52 - Made in Calabria, the toe of Italy's boot
PLAYin CHOC Stand 1118 - Start Up Zone
Poland Fruits Media Partner
Portugal Foods Stand G88 - International Zone
Portuguese Chamber of Commerce in UK Supporter
Pouch Alliance Stand 42 - Sports Nutrition Zone
PPL Insights Stand K58 - Research Hub
Prestige Purchasing Stand 806 - General Zone
Prime Fifty Ltd. Stand C88 - Ingredients Zone
PRO ECUADOR Stand 560 - International Zone
Probe-RTS Stand 449 - Ingredients Zone
Probi AB Stand 104 - Ingredients Zone
Prodigy Snacks Ltd Stand 1116 - Start Up Zone
Promovita by Dairy Crest Match Hub-Spot – Ingredients
PRONATEC Match Hub-Spot - Ingredients
ProTec Botanica Stand 832 - Ingredients Zone
Protec Nutra Ltd Stand D18 - General Zone
Prowexx ltd Supporter
Purasana NV Stand 204a - Belgian Pavilion
Purh20 Stand 1004 - Start Up Zone
Raps UK Stand D28 - Ingredients Zone
RAWBITE Stand 234 - Free from Zone
Reading Scientific Services Limited (RSSL) Stand C60 - Research Hub
Regione Calabria
Remedy Drinks UK Stand 339 - Drink Well Zone
Rhumveld Winter & Konijn B.V. Stand 508 - Ingredients Zone
Robertet Stand C22 - Ingredients Zone
Rochester PR Group Supporter
Roha Stand 108 - Ingredients Zone
Rousselot Stand 460 - Ingredients Zone
Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) Supporter
Royal Society of Chemistry Supporter
Rubies in the Rubble Stand 231 - Free from Zone
Russel Publishing Media Partner
RXBAR Stand J72 - General Zone
Sabinsa Stand C51 - Ingredients Zone
Safe Food Match Hub-Spot - Finished products
Salinity Stand 176 - Ingredients Zone
Salutivia Stand C18 - Ingredients Zone
Samosa Co Stand 410 & 420 - Food & Drink Wales Pavilion
Santa Rosalia Gourmet S.L Stand 920 - General Zone
Schofield publishing Media Partner
Seagarden AS Stand 722 - General Zone
SEFARI Match Hub-Spot
SENS Food Stand 606 - Healthy Snacking Zone
Sensus B.V. Stand 189 - Ingredients Zone
Silvateam Stand 105 - Ingredients Zone
Skinny Brands Lager Stand 772 - General Zone
Sluys International NV Stand 208 - Ingredients Zone
Snack Creations Stand C59 - Ingredients Zone
Snack, Nut & Crisp Manufacturers Association (SNACMA) Supporter
SNOOOZE – Natural Sleep Drink Stand 657 - Drink Well Zone
Soft Drinks International Stand 146 & Media Partner
Soft Robotics Stand 774 - General Zone
Soylent Stand C94 - General Zone & Sponsor
Speciality Food Magazine Media Partner
Spectronic Camspec Stand 778 - Research Hub
Sports & Leisure Catering Magazine Media Partner
Stable Microsystems Stand 792 - Research Hub
Stringer Flavours Ltd Stand C70 - Ingredients Zone
Stylus Supporter
Sun Branding Solutions Sponsor
SUPPA SALUMIFICIO SU.SA.SRL Stand 72 - Made in Calabria, the toe of Italy's boot
Symphony Fine Foods Stand 721 - General Zone
SYMPOSIUM LTD Stand 59 - Made in Calabria, the toe of Italy's boot
Symprove Ltd Stand J76 - General Zone
Symrise Stand 104 - Ingredients Zone
Synergy Flavours Match Hub-Spot: Ingredients
Target Publishing Media Partner
Taste Flavourings Stand D21 - Ingredients Zone
TasteTech Ltd Stand 446 - Ingredients Zone
TEA REX Stand 1000 - Start Up Zone
Tea-Pop Stand 762 - General Zone
TENTAZIONI LTD Stand 52 - Made in Calabria, the toe of Italy's boot
TENUTA CELIMARRO Stand 74 - Made in Calabria, the toe of Italy's boot
TENUTA DIOSCURI Stand 60 - Made in Calabria, the toe of Italy's boot
Tesco Food Academy Sponsor
TH. Geyer Ingredients Stand 180 - Ingredients Zone
The Bake Shed Stand 410 & 420 - Food & Drink Wales Pavilion
The British Game Alliance Sponsor
The Carbon Trust Supporter
The Caterer Media Partner
The Coconut Kitchen Stand 410 & 420 - Food & Drink Wales Pavilion
The Culinary Food Group Stand 464 - General Zone
The Danish-UK Association Supporter
The Felix Project Stand 752 - General Zone
The Food Agency Supporter
The Food Marketing Experts Supporter
The Grocer Media Partner
The Guild of Fine Food Media Partner
The Happy Snack Company Stand 356 - Healthy Snacking Zone
The Ingredients Consultancy Stand C20 - Ingredients
the nu company Stand 622 - Healthy Snacking Zone
THE RED POT Stand 57 - Made in Calabria, the toe of Italy's boot
The Saucy Affair Raw Sauce Company Stand 358 - Healthy Snacking Zone
The Skinny Food Co Stand K2 & K3 - General Zone
The Society of Food Hygiene and Technology (SOFHT) Supporter
The Sustainable Restaurant Association Supporter
The University Caterers Organisation (TUCO) Supporter
The University of Manchester Stand 782 - Research Hub
The Vegetarian Society Ltd Stand G74 - General Zone & Supporter
Tianjin Jianfeng Natural Product R&D Co., Ltd. Stand 456 - General Zone
TIPA Stand 725 - General Zone - EIT Standsharer
TOBAR Stand 349 - Healthy Snacking Zone
Total Diet & Meal Replacements Europe Supporter
Tradin Organic Agriculture B.V. Stand 467 - Ingredients Zone
Treatt Stand A12 - Ingredients Zone
Trentino Sviluppo-Invest In Trentino Stand 941 - International Zone
Tro-Kost GmbH Stand 462 - Ingredients Zone
Troo Foods Stand J74 - General Zone
Tsampa Foods / REN Roasted Energy Food GmbH Stand 986 - Start Up Zone
UMI Supporter
Unipektin Stand 200 - Ingredients Zone
Univar Stand 116 - General Zone
University of Birmingham Match Hub-Spot
University of Oxford Stand H85 - Research Hub
University of Reading Stand H75 - Research Hub
Uren Food Group Limited Stand 540 - Ingredients Zone
Valentis Stand C86 - General Zone & Sponsor
Van Hees Stand G16 - Ingredients Zone
vaneeghen Stand D72 - Ingredients Zone
VBites Stand G90 - General Zone
Vitabiotics Ltd Stand 525 - Nutraceutical Showcase
Vivalicious Stand 1112 - Drink Well Zone
Volac Stand B94 - Ingredients Zone
WARC Supporter
We Made Drinks Stand 656 - Drink Well Zone
Wellness Foods and Supplements Media Partner
Welsh Gluten Free Bakery Products (WGF) Stand 410 & 420 - Food & Drink Wales Pavilion
West London Food Innovation Lab Stand 818 - Research Hub
Wholesale Manager Media Partner
William Reed Media Partner
Worlée (UK) Ltd Stand 112 - Ingredients Zone
Xi'an Xiaocao Botanical Development Co.,Ltd. Stand 455 - General Zone
Yili Stand 790 - International Zone & Sponsor
Yogan - Vegan & Organic Alternatives to Cheese Stand K49 - Start Up Zone
Young Foodies Supporter
Yusa Stand 762 - General Zone