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Meet over 800 exhibitors at the Food Matters Live 2017 exhibition. Ranging from major food and drink manufacturers to new and enterprising start-ups, together with ingredients suppliers, retailers, foodservice providers and research bodies - each showcasing the latest developments in 'better for you' food and drink innovation.

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Food Matters Live 2016 exhibitor list

Stand number
a-FOOD Industry Hi Tech Media Partner
a2 Milk Company Ltd Sponsor
AAK Sponsor
Abbott Nutrition Stand 419 - Nutraceutical Showcase
ABC Food Law Stand 592
ABC Legal Labels Stand 642
Acti Snack Stand 160 - Tree of Life
Action on Sugar Supporter
Adifo N.V. Stand 455
Aduna Ltd Stand 460 - Free-From Zone
AgriFood Advanced Training Partnership Stand RP34
AGRO.VI.M. Stand 281
AGT Foods Stand 18
Ahmad Tea Ltd Stand 252 - Drink Well
AkzoNobel | OneGrain® reduced sodium mineral salt Stand 95 Stand DZ28
Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute Stand 540
Albion Minerals Stand 75
ALcontrol Laboratories Stand 477 - Free-From Zone
Aldomas Stand 222
Alflorex- PrecisionBiotics Ltd Stand DZ67
AlgoSource Stand 244 - Drink Well
Alland & Robert Stand 345
Allergy UK Stand 601 - Free-From Zone
Amazon Launchpad Special Event
Ametek GB Ltd T/A Brookfield Stand RP15
apetito Ltd Stand 505
Aptiekas Produkcija Stand 640
Aptunion Stand 620
AQUA Carpatica Stand DZ73 & Sponsor
Aromatech SAS Stand 247 - Drink Well
Artizian Catering Services Ltd Catering for Health
Asiros Stand 80E - Cornelius Pavilion
Association for Nutrition Stand 12 & Supporter
AstaReal AB Sponsor
Axxam S.p.A. Stand RP4
Az. Agr. di Martino Stand 174 - Innovations from Italy Pavilion
Azelis Stand 285
B Lab UK Stand 7 & Supporter
Baergfeuer AG Stand 697 & Sponsor
Baking Europe Media Partner
Balchem Stand 440
Bali Nutra Stand 582
Ballyhoura Apple Farm Stand 570 - Taste Cork Pavilion
Bam Drinks Stand EZ78
Bang Curry Stand EZ68
Barker Brettell Stand DZ17 - Growth Lab
Battle Oats Stand EZ11
Bellucci Premium Stand 216 - Innovations from Italy Pavilion
Beloved Stand EZ72
BENEO Stand 200 - Innovation Lounge
Berrywhite Limited Stand 240 - Drink Well
Betavivo Stand 160
Better Little Treats Stand EZ23
Bidvest Catering for Health
Bingham & Jones - Innovations in Food Stand 632 & Catering for Health
Biofertil Stand 213 - Innovations from Italy Pavilion
Bird & Bird Stand 692 - Regulatory Advice Hub & Growth Lab
Birra Antoniana VIP Lounge Supporter
Birradamare Stand 174 - Innovations from Italy Pavilion
Biscottificio Verona Stand 174 - Innovations from Italy Pavilion
Bits x Bites Stand DZ17 - Growth Lab
Boka Food Stand EZ37
Bol Foods Stand EZ10
Boots Stand 419 - Nutraceutical Showcase
Bord Bia Special event
Botonique Stand 550 - Grocery Accelerator Innovation Zone
Bounce Foods VIP Lounge Supporter
Brenntag UK & Ireland Stand 105
British Contract Manufacturers and Packers Association (BCMPA) Stand 385 & Supporter
British Dietetic Association (BDA) Lead Supporter & Stand 10
British Fruit Juice Association Stand 212 & Supporter
British Hospitality Association Lead Supporter
British Retail Consortium
British Retail Consortium Supporter
British Soft Drinks Association Supporter
Brunel Healthcare Stand 419 - Nutraceutical Showcase
Brunel University London Stand RP17
Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards Stand DZ17 - Growth Lab & Supporter
Bugs World Solution Food Stand 694 - Belgian Pavilion
Bugsolutely Stand 522 - Woven Stand
Butter Buds Stand 285
C-fu Foods Stand EZ73
Calbee UK Stand 480 - Food & Drink Wales Pavilion
Caldic UK Stand 345
California Almonds Stand 180 - Innovation Lounge
Cambio Ltd Stand RP19
Cambridge Commodities Ltd Stand 300 & 232 - ESSNA Pavilion
Campden BRI Stand 420 & Lead Supporter
Campo d’oro Stand 174 - Innovations from Italy Pavilion
Canadean Supporter
Cargill Stand 320
Cellnutrition Stand EZ52
Cert ID Europe Supporter
Chr. Hansen VIP Lounge Sponsor
Clinova Stand 261
Cobell Ltd Stand 218 - BFJA Pavilion
Cockneys Gin Stand 700
Coconoil Stand 478 - Free-From Zone
Coconut Merchant Stand 160 - Tree of Life
CocoNuts Naturally Stand EZ56
Complete Nutrition Media Partner
Connemara Organic Seaweed Company Stand EZ37A
Consensus Action on Salt and Health (CASH) Supporter
Consulai Stand 150 - Portuguese Pavilion
Coppa della Maga Stand EZ6
Coppola Foods Stand 174 - Innovations from Italy Pavilion
Corbion Stand 105
Cork Chamber of Commerce Stand 570 - Taste Cork Pavilion
Cork City Council Stand 570 - Taste Cork Pavilion
Cork County Council Stand 570 - Taste Cork Pavilion
Cork Institute of Technology Stand 570 - Taste Cork Pavilion
Cornelius Stand 80, 92 & 232 - ESSNA Pavilion
Cost Sector Catering Stand 500 & Media Partner
Council for Responsible Nutrition Stand 419 - Nutraceutical Showcase
Covance Inc. Stand DZ17 - Growth Lab
CP Kelco Stand 285
Creative Nature Stand 479A - Free-From Zone
Crobar by Gathr Stand EZ48
Crossmodal Research Laboratory FEED Sensorium
Crowdfooding Stand 575 & Growth Lab
Crunchy Seeds Stand 550 - Grocery Accelerator Innovation Zone
CTC Stand RP4
Cultivate London Sustainable Food Futures
CyberColloids Ltd Stand RP1
Cytoplan Stand 380
daacro - clinical research organization Stand 690
Dachita Stand 441 - Holland Food Valley Pavilion
Daioni Organic Stand 480 - Food & Drink Wales Pavilion
Dairy Industries International Media Partner
Danish UK Chamber of Commerce Stand 562 - Danish Pavilion
Danpo Stand 227 - Danish Pavilion
DaXingAnLing Lingonberry Boreal Biotech Stand 650 - Chinese Pavilion
DCC Health & Beauty Solutions Stand 234 - ESSNA Pavilion
De Smaakspecialist Stand 160
Department of Health Stand 692 - Regulatory Advice Hub
Diabetes UK Stand 8
Diageo Special event
Diana Food Stand 102
Dietetics Today Media Partner
Dimensione carne Stand 174 - Innovations from Italy Pavilion
Direct Food Ingredients Stand 310 & 232 - ESSNA Pavilion
Dirfis Mushrooms Stand DZ23 - Greek Zone
Dohler GmbH Stand 305
Dow Pharma & Food Solutions Stand 200 - Innovation Lounge
Dr. Harnisch Verlag Media Partner
Dragonfly Tea Stand 160 - Tree of Life
DRINKmaple Europe Stand EZ54
DrinkPreneur Media Partner
DSM Food Specialties B.V Stand 200 - Innovation Lounge
Duplaco Stand 446 - Holland Food Valley Pavilion
DuPont Nutrition & Health Stand 200 - Innovation Lounge
East Malling Services Ltd Stand 660 - South East Pavilion
Eat Grub Ltd Stand EZ47
Eat Out Media Partner
Eattiamo Stand 217 - Innovations from Italy Pavilion
Eco For Life Stand 135 - Drink Well
ECO Trading Exchange Ltd Stand EZ45
Elbler Gmbh Stand 142 - German Pavilion
Elementary Life Stand EZ41
Ella's Kitchen Evidence Base
Enterprise Europe South-East UK Supporter
Eon Stand DZ22 - Greek Zone
EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Food Stand RP42
European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group Stand 410
European Nutrition Leadership Platform Stand RP9
European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA) Stand 232 & Supporter
Evolva Stand 80C - Cornelius Pavilion
Extense Pharma Stand 438 - Belgian Pavilion
Farm Africa Stand 533 & Supporter
Farmagourmet Stand 210 - Innovations from Italy Pavilion
Fentimans VIP Lounge Supporter
Fiere di Parma S.p.A Stand 174 - Innovations from Italy Pavilion
Finlay Extracts & Ingredients UK Ltd Stand 285
Firestar Energy Stand EZ77
Flinn NV Stand 701 - Belgian Pavilion
FMCG News Media Partner
Fodify Foods Stand EZ25
Food & Function Media Partner
Food Additives and Ingredients Association Supporter
Food Allergy Training Consultancy Supporter
Food and Drink Business Europe Stand 382 & Media Partner
Food and Drink Federation Lead Supporter
Food and Drink International Media Partner
Food and Drink Network UK Media Partner
Food and Drink Technology Media Partner
Food and Drink Wales Stand 480 & 490
Food Chain ID Europe Supporter
Food for the Brain Foundation Stand RP11
Food Innovation Wales Stand 480 - Food & Drink Wales Pavilion
Food Marketing and Technology Media Partner
Food NI Supporter
Food Standards Agency Stand 692 - Regulatory Advice Hub
Food Technology Centre Stand 480 - Food & Drink Wales Pavilion
FoodBev Media Media Partner
FoodDrinkEurope Supporter
Foodie Flavours Stand DZ29
Foodlog Stand 437
Foodtrending Stand 20
Foody Experience Stand 217 - Innovations from Italy Pavilion
Footprint Media Partner
Forever Living UK Stand 419 - Nutraceutical Showcase
Forgrana Corradini Stand 174 - Innovations from Italy Pavilion
Fori Stand 555
Fortified Food Coatings BV Stand 432 - Holland Food Valley Pavilion
Forum for the Future Supporter
Forum Products Limited Stand 16
Fravocado Stand EZ3
FreeFrom Awards Stand 472 - Free-From Zone & Supporter
Frobishers VIP Lounge Supporter
From Across The Oceans Imports Ltd Stand DZ75
FruitCubed Stand 570 - Taste Cork Pavilion
Fruits 2 Go Stand EZ17
Fruselva Stand 270
Functional Food Centre Stand RP5
Functional Food Company Stand EZ71
Future Food Institute Stand 575
Futureceuticals Stand 440 - Holland Food Valley Pavilion
Ganeden Stand 80B - Cornelius Pavilion
Gelita Stand 308
Gem Smokers and Woodchips Ltd Stand EZ66
Get Insight Stand DZ17 - Growth Lab
Get More Vitamin Drinks Stand 243 - Drink Well
Giant Peach Stand DZ17 - Growth Lab
Glanbia Nutritionals Stand 200 - Innovation Lounge
Glanbia Performance Nutrition Stand 279
Gluten Free Flour Company Stand EZ40
GNT International Stand 100
Go Faster Food Ltd Stand EZ9A
GOED Stand 417 & Supporter
Gonmisol Stand 450
Good Grain Bakery Stand EZ57
Good4U VIP Lounge Supporter
Googly Fruit Stand 603 - Free-From Zone & Sponsor
Gosnells VIP Lounge Supporter
Grana Padano Stand 170 - Innovations from Italy Lounge Sponsor
granoVita Stand 582 - Free-From Zone
Green Saffron Stand 570 - Taste Cork Pavilion
GreenFood50 B.V. Stand 432 - Holland Food Valley Pavilion
Grocery Accelerator Stand 550 - Grocery Accelerator Innovation Zone
Growing Underground Stand 520 - Sustainable Food Futures
Grub Club Cambridge Stand 452
Gryö Bars Stand EZ5 & 522
Gustare Honey Stand 160 - Tree of Life
Gusto Nero Stand EZ25
Gusto Organic Stand 160
Hangry Food Company Stand 589 -Sugarwise Zone
Hangzhou Boda Biological Tech Co Ltd Stand 654 - Chinese Pavilion
Health Food Business magazine Media Partner
Health Food Manufacturers' Association Stand 414 & Supporter
Health Link s.r.o. Stand 262
Healthy Recipes Ltd Stand 550 - Grocery Accelerator Innovation Zone
Healthy You Stand 570 - Taste Cork Pavilion
Herbalife Europe Limited Stand 419 - Nutraceutical Showcase
High Commission of Canada Stand 18 & Sponsor
High5 Sports Nutrition Stand 232 - ESSNA Pavilion
Hodmedod's Stand 582 - Free-From Zone
Holland Food Valley #hfoodvalley Stand 432 & 446 - Holland Food Valley Pavilion
Hoogly Tea Stand EZ39
Horizons Supporter
Hospital Caterers Association Supporter
Huegli Stand 260
Hunan Tea Group Corp., Ltd Stand DZ76
Hunan Vigor Foods Bio-Technology Co. Ltd Stand 587A
Hungarian National Trading House Stand 222
i-ingredients Stand 412
iBET - Instituto de Biologia Experimental e Tecnológica Stand 153 - Portuguese Pavilion
Ice Kitchen Stand EZ58
Iceland Foods Ltd Sponsor
IFIS Supporter
IFR Extra Ltd Stand RP20
IMG Saxony-Anhalt Stand 145 - German Pavilion
Impact Foods - Superfood Wholesaler Stand EZ62
Ingredion Stand 90
Innocent Drinks Stand 219 - BFJA Pavilion
Innovate UK Stand 277
Innovationbubble Stand RP35
Innovations in Food Technology Media Partner
inOmega3 Stand 562 - Danish Pavilion
Institut Paul Bocuse Stand 37 & Experimental Cafe
Institute for Manufacturing Special event
Institute of Food Science & Technology Stand 425 & Lead Supporter
International Year of Pulses Stand 18
Intertek Scientific & Regulatory Consultancy Stand 692 - Regulatory & Health Claims advice hub
iPro Sport Stand 475 - Free-From Zone
Ishara Organic Stand EZ7c
It's Greenish Stand 446 - Holland Food Valley Pavilion
Italian Chamber of Commerce And Industry For The UK Innovations from Italy Pavilion
Italolive SRL Stand 217 - Innovations from Italy Pavilion
Ixion Holdings Stand 600 & Growth Lab
J. Rettenmaier & Söhne Stand 147 - German Pavilion
James Hutton Limited Stand RP74
Jardox Technologies Stand 120 & Sponsor
JC Dudley Stand 21
Jeneil BioProducts GmbH Stand 699 - German Pavilion
Jiahe Phytochem Co.,Ltd Stand 413
Jiangsu Xixin Vitamin Co Ltd Stand 651 - Chinese Pavilion
Jimini's Stand EZ67 & 522
Jools Drinks Stand DZ10
Juiceman Stand EZ50
Jungbunzlauer Stand 322
Just Food Stand 570 - Taste Cork Pavilion
Just Love Food Company Stand 480 - Food & Drink Wales Pavilion
K2B Stand 23
Kalsec Europe Ltd Stand 272
Kitchen On A Mission Stand 445 - Holland Food Valley Pavilion
Knight Scientific Limited Stand RP29
Knowledge Transfer Network Ltd Stand 277
Kona Deep Europe Ltd Stand EZ83
Koppert Cress Stand 444 - Holland Food Valley Pavilion
Kreglinger Stand 405
Kric8 Stand 522
le Piantagioni Del Caffe Stand 242 - Drink Well
Leatherhead Food Research Stand 630 & Supporter
Levy Restaurant Experimental Cafe
Lielit Teff Stand 550 - Grocery Accelerator Innovation Zone
Life Kitchen Stand 570 - Taste Cork Pavilion
Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients Stand 324
Limpopo Biltong Stand DZ72
LittlePod Stand 599
Liverpool John Moores University Stand RP41
Lombardia Drinks Stand 702 - Belgian Pavilion
London & Scottish International Ltd Stand 194 & VIP Lounge Supporter
London Falafel Stand 587 - Free-From Zone
London Food Link Stand 520 - Sustainable Food Futures
London Metropolitan University Stand RP2
Lonza Ltd Stand 80A - Cornelius Pavilion
LoSalt Stand 290
Lovemore Free From Foods Stand 480 - Food & Drink Wales Pavilion
Lunch Business Media Partner
Macknade Fine Foods Stand DZ17 - Growth Lab
Made in Hackney Stand 520 - Sustainable Food Futures
Mane Stand 200 - Innovation Lounge
ManiLife Stand EZ34
Mars UK Evidence Base
Mathys & Squire Stand 225 - Danish Pavilion
Meatless BV Stand 436 - Holland Food Valley Pavilion
Melitimon Stand DZ32 - Greek Zone
Mibelle Biochemistry Stand 75
Microbion - Open Innovation Microbiology Stand RP80
MicroNutris Stand DZ66
Mighty Bee Stand EZ24
MiiRO Stand EZ26
Mindfuel Stand 550 - Grocery Accelerator Innovation Zone
MM Barcoding Stand 388
MMR Research Worldwide Ltd Stand RP31
MOJU Stand EZ22
Montgomery Waters Stand 245 - Drink Well
Motion Nutrition Stand EZ74
my CHIPSBOX Stand EZ29
My Raw Joy Stand EZ19
N8 AgriFood Stand RP6
Nata Pura Stand 151 - Portuguese Pavilion
National Centre For Universities And Businesses Stand 277
National Farmers' Union Supporter
Naturalicious UK Ltd Stand EZ23A
Naturelly Stand EZ44
Naturex Stand 110
Neat's Snacks Stand EZ1
Nestlé Breakfast Cereals Stand 510
Newcastle University Stand RP36
Nexira Stand 280
Nielsen-Massey Vanillas Stand 80F - Cornelius Pavilion
NOA Relax & Focus Stand EZ8
Noma's Kitchen Stand EZ13
Nordic Food Export VIP Lounge Supporter
Nordic Sugar Stand 693 - Belgian Pavilion
Northumbria University, Newcastle Stand RP10
Nourish Grow Cook Enjoy Stand EZ46
NTC Flavours Stand 140 - German Pavilion
Nutraceuticals International Group Stand 416
Nutraceuticals Now Stand 40 & Media Partner
NUTRAfoods Media Partner
Nutricia Early Life Nutrition Evidence Base
nutrineo - health food solutions by Uelzena Stand 149 - German Pavilion & Sponsor
NutriPot Nutrition Stand 590
Nutristrength Stand 470 - Free-From Zone
Nutritics Stand EZ51
Nutural World Stand 589A - Free-From Zone
Odysea Stand 154
Oliphen Stand EZ63
Omega Water Stand 550 - Grocery Accelerator Innovation Zone
Omya International AG Stand 325
One Hop Kitchen INC Stand EZ73
oomi noodles Stand EZ32
Organic & Natural Business Magazine Media Partner
Osius Bone Broth Stand DZ27
Packaging Gazette Media Partner
Packaging News Media Partner
Panidor Stand 125
Paradise Fruits Stand 698 - German Pavilion
Pastificio Avesani Stand 174 - Innovations from Italy Pavilion
Peck Drinks Stand EZ28
Pepperron Stand 704 - Belgian Pavilion
Percol VIP Lounge Supporter
Perspectif Stand DZ13
Phytodroitin Stand 75
Plandai Biotechnology Stand 352
Planet Hemp Stand 237
Plas Farm Frozen Yogurt Stand 480 - Food & Drink Wales Pavilion & Evidence Base
Pop Up Cookspace Stand EZ14
Portugal Foods Stand 150 - Portuguese Pavilion
Praana Herb & Tea Stand EZ59
Premier Foodservice Catering for Health
Prima Foods UK Limited Stand 480 - Food & Drink Wales Pavilion
Principle Healthcare Stand 419 - Nutraceutical Showcase
Probe Ltd Stand RP37
ProDigest Stand RP4
Produced in Kent Supporter
Protec Botanica Stand 75
Protec Nutra Ltd Stand 75
Protect Pharma Stand 381
Protein Pow Stand 580 - Free-From Zone
Protein Water Co Stand 138 - Drink Well
Pukka Herbs VIP Lounge Supporter
Pulsin Stand 582 - Free-From Zone
Pulviver Stand 703 - Belgian Pavilion
Punku Quinoa Foods Stand EZ33
Pure Circle UK Stevia Hub
Quinoa Italia Stand 211 - Innovations from Italy Pavilion
Rachelli Italia s.r.l. Stand 214 - Innovations from Italy Pavilion
Radnor Hills Stand 480 - Food & Drink Wales Pavilion
Rainforest Cafe Catering for Health
Randd UK Stand 2 & Growth Lab
Razorwire Energy Stand 195
Refresco Gerber Stand 215 - BFJA Pavilion
Rerum Consultancy Stand 433 - Holland Food Valley Pavilion
RL Solutions Stand 386
Roberts Stand 132 - Drink Well
Romer Labs UK Ltd Stand RP24
Roots Collective Stand 576
Rosies BV Stand 434 - Holland Food Valley Pavilion
Royal Buisman Stand 433 - Holland Food Valley Pavilion
Royal Society for Public Health Stand 5 & Supporter
Royal Society of Chemistry Supporter
Rugani Stand 239 - Drink Well
Sacla UK Stand 160
Saile Irish Seaweed Foods Stand EZ20
Salinity Stand 409
Salternative Stand EZ69
Sambazon UK Stand EZ75
Samosaco Stand 480 - Food & Drink Wales Pavilion
San-Ei Gen F.F.I. (U.K.) Ltd. Stand 16
Sapphire Brands Ltd Stand 560
SATIN Satiety Innovation Stand RP4
SATO UK Stand 418
Savvy Foods Stand DZ31
ScandiKitchen Stand 226 - Danish Pavilion
Scelta Mushrooms Stand 443 - Holland Food Valley Pavilion
Scheckter's Organic Beverages Stand 250 - Drink Well
School Caterer Media Partner
SCI Stand 610
Scientific Analysis Laboratories (SAL) Ltd Stand RP21
Sensorist Stand 561
Sensus B.V. Stand 624 - Holland Food Valley Pavilion
Seppic Stand 330
Shameless Smoothies by Shrewd Foods Stand EZ15
Shedir Pharma Stand 621
Shines Seafood Stand EZ37A
Silesia Stand 105
Simply Good Food TV Stand 452
Simply Icecream Stand 667 - South East Pavilion
Slow Food UK Stand 666 - South East Pavilion
Sluys International NV Stand 80D - Cornelius Pavilion
Smootheelicious Stand 275
Snack, Nut & Crisp Manufacturers Association (SNACMA) Supporter
Snact Stand EZ42
Society of Food Hygiene and Technology Supporter
Soft Drinks International Stand 192 & Media Partner
Soulful Food Stand 602 - Free-From Zone
South East LEP Stand 661
Spare Fruit Stand EZ70
Speciality Food Magazine Media Partner
Spectronic Camspec Stand RP14
Spoon Guru
St Mary's University Stand RP12
Stable Micro Systems Stand RP81
Stephenson Group Stand 105
Strategic Research Programme Stand RP18
Stuart Allan Stand DZ26
Stylus Supporter
Suga Vida Stand 160 - Tree of Life
Sugar Reduced Community Supporter
Sugarwise Stand 597 - Free-From Zone
Suma Wholefoods Limited Stand 582 - Free-From Zone
Sunsoul Stand DZ63
SV365 Technologies Stand DZ21
Swiss Mountain Essence Stand 697
Symprove Ltd Stand 251 - Drink Well
Symrise Stand 102
t plus drinks Stand EZ55
Taste Cork Stand 570 - Taste Cork Pavilion
TasteTech Stand 230 - ESSNA Pavilion
Tea Rex Stand EZ53
Teapigs Limited Stand 131 - Drink Well
Teesside University Stand RP82
Ten Acre Crisps VIP Lounge Supporter
Terrafertil: Nature’s Heart Superfoods Stand 160 - Tree of Life
Tesco Food Academy Sponsor
Tetley Stand 136 - Drink Well
Thai Tana Stand EZ16
The Aurora Ceres Partnership Ltd Stand DZ17 - Growth Lab
The Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain Belgian Pavilion
The Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition / General Mills Stand 238
The Carbon Trust Supporter
The Caterer Media Partner
The Children's Food Trust Stand 502
The Culinary Cauldron Stand EZ80
The Dairy Council Stand 6 & Supporter
The DressQuerade Sauce Company Stand 221
The Food ATP Stand RP34
The Food Foundation Supporter
The FoodTalk Show Stand 22
The Good Granola Company Stand EZ43
The Guild of Fine Food Media Partner
The Healthy Food Development Stand 586
The Institute of Food Safety Integrity & Protection (TiFSiP) Supporter
The James Hutton Institute Stand RP74
The Kids' Cookery School Stand 520 - Sustainable Food Futures
The Laughing Oyster Stand 570 - Taste Cork Pavilion
The Little Pharma Stand EZ31
The National Organization of Olive Oil Tasters Supporter
The Raw Chocolate Company Stand 462 - Free-From Zone
The Raw Fix Stand EZ27
The Rowett Institute Stand RP18A
The Sustainable Restaurant Association Supporter
The University Caterers Organisation (TUCO) Supporter
The University of Edinburgh Stand RP39
The Vegetarian Butcher Stand 624
The Vegetarian Society Stand 191 & supporter
The Whitehouse Consultancy Stand 190
The Willow Health Restaurant Stand DZ71
Thomson & Scott VIP Lounge Supporter
Tiana Fair Trade Organics Stand 476 - Free-From Zone
TIC Gums Stand 331
Tickleberries Stand 666 - SouthEast Pavilion
Tickles' Pickles Stand EZ2
Tideford Organics Stand 595 - Free-from Zone
TNO Stand RP83
Tranquini Stand 243A - Drink Well
Tree of Life UK Ltd Stand 160
Tro-Kost GmbH Stand 144 - German Pavilion
Tropicana Stand 245 - BFJA Pavilion
True Nopal Stand 246
Tuice Stand EZ12
UFIT Drinks Stand 133 - Drink Well
UK India Business Council Supporter
Ulrick & Short Stand 461 - Free-From Zone
Unbar Rothon Stand 35
Unilever Sponsor
Unilever Foundry Sponsor
Univar Stand 90
University College Cork Stand 570 - Taste Cork Pavilion
University of Bristol Stand RP70
University of Greenwich Stand RP86
University of Hertfordshire Stand RP76 & 663
University of Huddersfield Stand RP71
University of Murcia Stand RP4
University of Nottingham Stand RP30
University of Reading Stand RP13
University of West London Stand 501
Uren Food Group Limited Stand 247 - Drink Well
Van Eeghen Functional Ingredients BV Stand 440 - Holland Food Valley Pavilion
Van Koolen Stand EZ24A
Vegan Society Stand 585 - Free-From Zone
VFX Financial Stand 193
Vinoos by AMS Stand 432 - Holland Food Valley Pavilion
Vit Hit Stand 137 - Drink Well
Vitashine Stand 75
Vitness Stand EZ35
Vivoo Stand 174 - Innovations from Italy Pavilion
VSI Stand 430 - Holland Food Valley Pavilion
Waitrose Sponsor
WeihaiBaihe Biology Technological Co., Ltd Stand 653 - Chinese Pavilion
Wellness Foods and Supplements Media Partner
Wild Atlantic Way Products Stand 570 - Taste Cork Pavilion
Wild Trail Stand 480 - Food & Drink Wales Pavilion
Wish Snacks No Added Sugar Stand 584 - Free-From Zone
Wostok Stand 143 - German Pavilion
Woven Stand 522 & Supporter
Wow Cake Company Stand EZ30
WRAP Supporter
Yakult UK Ltd Stand 130 - Drink Well
Yantai Oriental Pharmacap Co Ltd Stand 655 - Chinese Pavilion
Yantai Shuangta Food Co Ltd Stand 652 - Chinese Pavilion
Yogi & Yousef VIP Lounge Supporter
YouBrand Supporter
Yu & Mi Company Ltd Stand EZ18
Yumpa Bar Stand EZ38
Zendegii Frill Ltd Stand EZ49
Zero2Five Food Industry Centre Stand 480 - Food & Drink Wales Pavilion

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