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Co-Founder, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

Suze Cregan

Suze had studied health and beauty, been a police officer and did a round the world trip before she owned the coffee shop that, her brother Jim, burst into telling her they’re going to create an awesome iced coffee. She had immediate faith in the idea and the same day, she’d put the coffee shop up for sale, validating him describing Suze as ‘someone who gets sh*t done.’

Suze says that Jim has always been the speaker, even though they created the business together. ‘I’ve always been in the engine room putting out his fires. Jim’s got a flair that not everybody has. I’m probably more like other people’.

Iced coffee in a carton was new to them in 2008 and now, after 11 years of the Jimmy’s family being in cartons, their first product in an infinitely recyclable, aluminum can was launched in June 2019: the Flat White Extra Shot.