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CEO, South West Brands

Rebekah Hall

Rebekah Hall is the CEO of South West Brands, the consumer products group focussed on creating, building and managing world class CBD consumer brand propositions. She is a pioneer in the burgeoning CBD market in Europe, driving the growth of an industry that is complex, but full of innovation and potential. Rebekah is regarded as one of the foremost experts on CBD consumer products having founded Botanic Lab, the functional drinks brands that launched the first CBD beverage in Europe in 2018. Botanic Lab has become synonymous with high quality functional drinks and is one of the poster children for the new and exciting CBD branded landscape.

Rebekah is a regular speaker at cannabis, female focused and entrepreneurship events, providing an honest and refreshing insight into the process of launching and building a brand. She is a recognised expert in the health and wellness sector and is valued for her commercial insight and pragmatic approach.