Food Matters Live 2020, 13-14 October, virtual event

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Director of Nutrition and Health Research, Atlas Biomed

Miguel Toribio-Mateas

Miguel is a nutritional neuroscience researcher with extensive experience developing real world and consumer applications of microbiome science and technology. He integrates a background in health tech development and science / medical knowledge management going back to the late 90s with postgraduate education in international business, environmental science, nutritional medicine and clinical neuroscience. Currently, Miguel’s research focus is on gathering real world evidence on gut-brain communication at the Bowels and Brains Lab, an innovative research unit set up with funds from the European Regional Development Fund at London South Bank University where he is responsible for the design and implementation of randomised controlled trials to help assess the impact of fermented foods (kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, etc.) on human microbiota composition and microbiome metabolites whilst taking into account nutrition and lifestyle factors that contribute to changes to the wellbeing of participants. Miguel’s ultimate aim is to find what links there might be between the participants' gut health and their mental health, particularly cognitive measures such as attention, mood, and memory, as well measures of mental health, both negative, e.g. stress or anxiety, and positive, e.g. resilience or happiness.

The relationship between gut bugs and mental health, and the role of health tech in measuring this relationship is the subject of Miguel's doctoral degree at Middlesex University, for which he was awarded a Santander Universities scholarship 2016. Miguel's earlier career was in scientific and medical publishing, working in product development roles at STEM editorial houses such as Springer Nature and Wolters Kluwer. More recently, Miguel has focused on translating clinical neuroscience as part of employee resilience programmes, where the role of nutrition and diet in gut-brain communication features heavily, working with blue chip organisations such as Lloyd’s and NatWest. In his spare time, Miguel enjoys exploring the role of creativity in science communication, translating science into plain English. 

Miguel co-founded the UK’s first direct-to-consumer microbiome service in the UK (MapMyGut) with Prof. Tim Spector in 2015 and is presently the Director of Nutrition and Health Research at health tech company Atlas Biomed  In his talk Miguel will discuss the role of microbiome data on personalised health that goes beyond “nutrition for the gut”.