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Sales Director, Zappar

Martin Stahel

Jargon buster - Augmented Reality is the art of adding a digital layer of content to the physical world.  This means that the user can scan something with their smartphone to unlock hidden content that offers them value at their moment of need.

Zappar is the leading Augmented Reality platform and creative studio that helps partners develop engaging short-form experiences that can be unlocked from most smart devices.

AR is a powerful tool that captures the attention of the user with heightened emotional responses and greater encoding to long term memory.  This offers companies an invaluable new digital tool in their locker to communicate with customers and turn their passive packaging into an interactive media channel. 

Zappar has worked with some of the world's biggest CPG brands to increase brand awareness, drive attention and engagement, and increase sales. Zappar's CPG partners include Fanta, Coca Cola, Pez, Danone, Bombay Sapphire, Glenlivet and many more.