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Director, Murdoch Associates

Judith Murdoch

Director of Murdoch Associates, Judith established the consultancy in response to the fast- growing need for experienced, knowledgeable and business-focused support for organisations working with sustainability issues. With experience in many roles, from sales, marketing and product development to communication and project management, Judith fully understands the various – and sometimes conflicting – challenges faced by all those in the food supply chain.

Judith, an independent sustainable palm oil specialist, has specialised in the food industry, for more than 30 years. Working with over 20 different oil types has given her insight into the world of commodity oils as well as specialty oils, including understanding the complexities of the supply chain and how traceability back to plantation can be a reality and verified. Judith has developed support materials with clients to provide accessible information about palm oil, supply chains and sustainability.

Judith currently works with businesses to give advice and support on sustainability issues. She prepares and delivers training for supply chain certification and has worked as an independent consultant to the RSPO on promoting and driving the uptake of certified sustainable palm oil within Europe. One of Murdoch Associates’ specialisms is preparing businesses for the RSPO supply chain certification standard audit and is working with numerous businesses today.