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Co-founder, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee

Jimmy Cregan

Jim was an MC at music festivals during the summer and a labourer the rest of the year until one day he saw yet another builder’s bum and knew something had to change. Off he and his now wife, Soph, went to Australia for some adventure. Little did he know they’d discover iced coffee at a petrol station, on a baking hot day (also slightly hungover) and he was hooked.

When he returned to the UK, he realised nothing compared on our shelves and he had to fill this space. That’s when he went charging to his sister Suze, who owned a coffee shop at the time. For months to come they created recipes, held tasting sessions with friends and family and Jimmy’s Iced Coffee was created with the first listing being none other than Selfridges. All the long drives at 3am hand delivering cartons and interrupting buyers’ meetings was worth it.

11 years later and Jimmy’s is going from strength to strength, remembered for their brave marketing choices such as Jim only in his pants plastered all over Shoreditch. You’re welcome.

‘Marketing is about being memorable, not shouting the loudest.’ – Jim Cregan