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Senior Scientist, Winclove

Dr Saskia van Hemert

Dr. Saskia van Hemert has a PhD in host-microbe interactions, obtained at the Wageningen University in 2007. After a Post-doc at the Top Institute Food & Nutrition, she joined Winclove Probiotics in 2009. Currently she is working as a senior scientist at Winclove with a focus on host-probiotic interactions. She is responsible for the scientific content of research projects focusing on probiotics and the role of gut barrier function in health and disease. The interactions between probiotics and gut microbiota with brain health has her specific attention. Her current research interest is to unravel the mechanisms involved in the probiotic-gut-brain axis. She has several publications and research projects about probiotics and the gut-brain axis, like mood, depression, ADHD/autism and migraine. She has been initiator of the Mind, Mood & Microbes conferences