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Scientist, TNO

Dr Koen Hogenelst

Being trained as a human movement and neuro-scientist, I am naturally interested in the role of lifestyle on mental health as well as (bio)psychological mechanisms that explain behavior. For my PhD I studied the effects of serotonin on mood and social behavior, by manipulating the amino acid tryptophan. In 2015 I joined TNO, a Dutch Public Research Organisation. Together with public and private partners, I have worked on personalised nutrition, mood-food, and stress detection. In the past few years, using innovations in wearable and sensor technologies, my colleagues and I have studied fluctuating levels of blood glucose levels, as a consequence of diet, activity, sleep and stress, in relation to cognition and wellbeing. Another exciting avenue is elucidating the gut-brain axis, where we study the physiological processes that link the gut to the brain, in order to know which dietary or gut intervention works best for what and for who.