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Research Associate, University of Newcastle

Barbara Tocco

Dr Barbara Tocco is a Research Associate at Newcastle University (UK) and Project Manager of EU Horizon 2020 ‘Strength2Food’. She holds a PhD in Economics from the University of Kent, UK. She has undertaken quantitative and qualitative research in the fields of agricultural and food economics, on issues related to food sustainability, agri-food supply chains, rural development and policy analysis. She has contributed to various EU funded research projects in this field, and the results of these activities have been disseminated through scientific publications, such as the Journal of Agricultural Economics, Sustainability and the British Food Journal, a few book chapters, and numerous discussion papers and presentations at international conferences.

Ongoing action research, with social enterprise Food Nation, consists of innovative pilot actions to stimulate high-quality local food markets, looking specifically at short food supply chains for locally landed seafood in North East England. It builds on Strength2Food collaborative evidence across Europe on the sustainability of ‘alternative’ food networks, which examined their governance mechanisms and their socio-economic-environmental impacts. These research results are currently being tailored to inform policy making and develop strategic guides for stakeholders. In the context of the seafood pilot action in North East England, marketing strategies and educational campaigns have been developed to better inform consumers in their decision making and behaviour change. Complementary research work relates to the analysis of food consumption, particularly in the context of food quality labels, sustainable practices and behaviour change.