Founder, Otzibrew

Tricia McNeilly

Tricia McNeilly is the Founder and CEO of Ötzibrew. She has been involved in the health and nutrition sector since she can remember, and spent the last decade developing various innovative food brands and bringing from idea to shelf. During a personal search for something that could replace coffee, which had begun to give her headaches, Tricia discovered Chaga. She found that the drink format of the mushroom gave her an energy boost with none of the negative effects of caffeine withdrawal.  After discovering Chaga’s high content of minerals and nutrients, and being impressed by the medicinal and scientific research that she read on Chaga, Tricia began contemplating the idea of a product focusing on it and other medicinal mushrooms.

Excited about the idea of bringing medicinal mushrooms to the mainstream consumer in an all-natural, pure format, Tricia founded Ötzibrew in November 2017. Its first product, wild Otzibrew Chaga, is sustainably sourced and harvested from the wild birch forests of Siberia.