Founder, Director & Producer, The Saucy Affair Company

Tanya Lambert

In October 2015, I made the life-changing decision to leave a ten year career in the energy industry, and turn my focus to my young family and personal well-being. Once I’d escaped the stress of the “Commuter Mum” daily cycle, I was able to re-evaluate what I was truly passionate about – great food, cooking, the arts, poetry, but above all a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family.

I was determined to unite these passions in a way that would somehow make a difference, helping the many other parents and career-driven individuals who face the same pressures that I did.

With a dollop of chef’s instinct and a dash of improvisation, I created a range of sauces made from raw ingredients that encapsulate ‘cooking from scratch in a bottle’. I wanted the sauces to make serving healthy, tasty meals easy – perfect for people who, like me, love food and being healthy but lack the time to always cook from scratch.

In February of 2016, I founded the Dressquerade Company, now known as The Saucy Affair - Raw Sauces, and I’ve been pouring my heart into it ever since.

Why the Masquerade outfit?

I truly believe that dinner should be a delicious, delightful and tantalising performance every time!

A little theatricality around the table can really bring families together, and it’s our mission to make it effortlessly easy.

“The Saucy Affair - We're healthy in disguise… stunning in taste, a feast for your eyes!”

Tanya - Founder